10 terrifyingly simple Halloween costumes

By admin Nov26,2014

Zane Nyhus


With Halloween only a few days away, time is running out for your impromptu DIY costume.  If you are like me and have procrastinated deciding on a costume, but still don’t want to be a witch or your favorite superhero for the umpteenth time, then check out this list of clever costumes that will be the hit of any party you attend.

  • Steering Wheel Pirate: This costume may only work well for guys, but is still relatively simple to assemble. Dress up like a pirate, only in addition you have to attach a steering wheel of sorts to your crotch.  Then, when people ask you what the steering wheel is for, you can respond “Argh, it’s driving me nuts!”
  • Nudist on Strike: This one is for the lazy dressers who really don’t want to put in any time or effort into their costumes, but still want to get a rouse out of people. Simply make a sign that says “Nudist on Strike” and carry it around.  Bonus points for laziness if you attach a string on it so you can wear it around your neck.
  • Movie Theatre Floor: Those of you who enjoy a good matinee should enjoy this costume. Simply dress in all black, attach pieces of popcorn, candy wrappers, straws, popcorn boxes, etc. to yourself.  Boom: you are the floor of a movie theatre.
  • Operation: If you are feeling a little bit crafty, grab some felt and cut out the different objects to the Operation board. Attach them to your respective parts of the body and add a red nose, and you are the Operation man!
  • Facebook: Take a page out of Jim Halpert’s playbook with this strikingly simple costume (though calling it a costume may be a stretch). Using some type of visible marker, write the word “book” on your face. Just like that, you are Facebook!
  • Price is Right: This is another easy costume to assemble. Throw on your favorite Illinois Wesleyan sweater and affix a price-tag style nametag to it with your name on it. To be more identifiable, make a small poster with your score to carry around and/or hang from your neck. Bob Barker would be proud.
  • Bunch of grapes: For this costume, wear dark clothing and get either green or purple balloons. Blow them up, affix them to your body, and you are a healthy, delicious fruit!  But, be wary of people who may try to pop your grapes throughout the night.
  • Luis the Cannibal: Any soccer fans who have access to Barcelona gear, a bit of hair gel and some fake vampire teeth can transform into the feared cannibal known as Luis Suarez.
  • Blue Man Group: This one is getting a little outdated, but works well with a group. All you need is some black clothes, a bald cap (or bald head), and a lot of blue face paint. Voila, you are a member of the blue man group.
  • Fantasy Football: This play-on-words costume requires some sort of football apparel (best with a jersey or helmet) along with some sort of fantasy garb (a wizards hat, Gandalf’s stick, etc.).

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