Greeks Should Take Responsibility Amid Pandemic

By Katie-Beth Jackson Sep 4, 2020
Coronavirus Update: 9 New Cases Reported In New Hampshire | New Hampshire  Public Radio
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Hello, my fellow Greeks and welcome back to campus. Now before you read this, I ask that you have an open mind. The point of this article is not to shame us, which I think we have all experienced a lot of recently. We make up about 30 percent of campus, and I need that to sink in. What we choose to do and not do greatly affects this campus because we are a large part of it. When asking ourselves about how this campus can be better, we must first turn to ourselves and ask how we can be better, especially when it comes to COVID-19, academics, campus culture, inclusion and conduct. Let’s be real here. When anything goes wrong on campus, we are often the first group to blame, and needless to say, that is not ideal. I love our community on campus and I believe that the panhellenic and interfraternity council does a phenomenal job of bringing us all together. Let’s stand together on this: no more parties. Disregarding the desire to go home or the fear of a second outbreak, this is about who we are. When we all joined our respective sororities and fraternities, we got new families, brothers and sisters to hold onto for a lifetime. If one of us breaks the “Titan Pledge”, our whole chapter will end up suffering because of it. I think these past two weeks have been a wakeup call that this virus is highly contagious and one person has the potential to infect the entire school.  Keep your brothers and sisters safe, help our reputation on this campus and hang out in small groups so that we can carry this campus safely to the end of the semester. Aside from that, non-Greeks, do not party either. Yes, I am talking to you, freshman. Don’t go to ISU, the dumpster fire of disease, just for a chance to have “the freshman experience”. It is not worth it. As a freshman who got their second semester taken away last year, you all should be glad we have gotten to the point where we can actually be on campus. You have four more years to have the amazing, and probably the terrible, college experiences that you have been waiting for. For now, try and find your place on campus and your people. Go Greek. But for now, everyone needs to stay safe. Join the tennis team. Lay out and tan on the ant-infested quad. Maybe go to class? A wild concept for me as well, but who knows, it could be educational. At the end of the day, I for one, am excited to be on campus despite the restrictions and I feel blessed to see my IWU friends again. Keep up the good work and do not let Miss “Rona” ruin our semester or dampen our spirits.

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