A harvest festival weekend is a great way to celebrate the season

By Farah Bassyouni Oct 30, 2023

Halloween is fast approaching on its broom, but what does this mean to students? Some might party until they drop in their coffin, some may cram extra horrifying study hours for classes, and then, Halloween would be left in the dust.

Somewhere between the ages of 15 to 18, Halloween becomes less and less important, getting stuck in a box of torture devices from centuries past. Halloween, “a holiday for children,” does not have to be just for children, but as many people get older, the need to celebrate by dressing up starts to diminish. Instead, a way to commemorate the holiday and for the community to grow stronger (and for students to have a small break), would be to implement a Harvest Festival weekend.

It’s not a surprise that the culture surrounding Halloween is either more studying or partying like the undead, but both are not good ways to celebrate Halloween. Every student should have a chance to take a break and relax, to remember that they need to rest. On the other hand, the students who party could find themselves in grave situations. If universities were to create Harvest Festival weekend they would draw attention away from the excessive partying, the studying, and create a safe environment for students to attend a fun-filled weekend. Instead of worrying about if someone can’t get a ride home or if students are drinking too much, they can instead have a pumpkin catapult event where prizes are handed out—gift cards or cash.

There are many possible activities for students and families to get involved with. There could be a costume event on one day where students dress up and could potentially win prizes. The theater department could put on a two day play for students related to the season.There could even be a dance on the final night; so many ideas can come from a Harvest Festival.

When students go to college, it helps to have social events put on by the school so students can let loose and have fun. Small events like career fairs and workshops for your future are some of the only well-known events happening on campus, which further implicates the idea that students should solely be working on their career. This leaves relaxation and socialization behind, which shouldn’t be the case.

Holidays and celebrations should be more than just a single day. By having a Harvest Festival weekend, students can enjoy the Halloween season in a way that doesn’t rely on getting drunk or skipping the festivities altogether.

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