Ask Anna: dating do’s

By Anna Lowenthal, Opinions Editor

Q: Dear Anna, what are the worst things to do when you’re on a first date?
A: Speaking from a girl’s perspective, there are an infinite amount of things that can go wrong when you’re on your first date. The first date is the biggest impression-former, and because of that, the stakes are high.
As judgmental as we are of our own appearance, our impressions, and everything else we do, we can be just as judgmental of a guy.
Every girl has her preferences, and sometimes one girl’s idea of the biggest jerk in the world can actually be another girl’s prince charming. But I promise you, there are some things that turn off just about every girl on the planet.
If you go to pick her up at her place, don’t sit in your car and send her the “I’m here” text message. You’re not taking her to cheerleading practice, you’re taking her out on a date. Act like it.
There’s no reason why you can’t come to the door and walk her to your car unless you’re physically incapable. Plus, you’ll get extra brownie points if you get the meet and greet from her closest friend or, even better, her mother. If you get the thumbs up from mommy, you’ll be sitting pretty.
I know I’ve mentioned this before, but whatever you do, do not chew with your mouth open. You’re not alone, wearing sweatpants and eating Cheetos while playing Call of Duty. You can’t act like a pig – at least, not on the first date. Save your sloppiness for later, when she has determined that you are domesticated enough to take out into public places.
When the check comes, never EVER ask her the question, “Do you want me to pay?” Most of the time, it is common courtesy for the guy to pay for whatever activities take place on the first date.
There are occasions where us ladies would like to chip in as well, but don’t make an awkward situation by asking her if she wants you to pay. She’ll feel obligated to try and go Dutch with you, and that will ruin any sort of gentlemanliness you’ve acquired thus far.
If you like a girl enough to ask her out on a date, fork up the cash without question. After you two have gotten to know each other a little better, it is safe to ask her how the bill will be divided.
When saying goodnight, there are a few things to remember. First, if you had a good time, don’t give her the “we should do this again sometime” line or the “I’ll call you” crap.
We’ve heard it all before and your interest, even if it is sincere, is pretty lackluster if you can’t think of anything else to say.
Second, kiss cautiously. Don’t go for second base before you’ve even had the second date. A simple hug, a peck on the cheek or even a small kiss is good enough. Keep it classy, and leave her wanting more.
No matter how you slice it, there’s always something you can do to ruin your first date. Just make sure you’re on your best behavior, and try to be as charming as possible if you want a shot at round two.

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