Bats, spiders and cicadas, oh my!

By admin Sep 23, 2015

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Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus has been crawling with some creepy critters. From bats to giant spiders to screeching cicadas, it seems like Halloween has come to campus early. But, don’t fret, it’s just mating and migrating season.

Little Brown Bats:

Why are they here?

During the autumn months, these bats, literally called “Little Brown Bats,” migrate from the colder, northern parts of America and Canada to find a warm place to stay during the winter. Don’t worry – they won’t be here for long.

Are they dangerous?

Nope! Little brown bats are about as dangerous as little grey mice – apart from the slim possibility of you contracting rabies from a close encounter (which is unlikely to happen), these fuzzy little critters mean no harm to the human population.

Fun Fact!

Male and female brown bats live separately during the summer months, and come together to mate and hibernate together during the winter season.

Furrow Spiders:

Why Are They Here?

Furrow spiders are native to North America, and live in Illinois year-round. During September and October, though, these little (or not so little) spiders come out and play to find a mate. They live near the close to the ground and are usually active at night – so watch out for those spider webs these next few weeks!

Are They Dangerous?

Not really. Although they are slightly venomous, a bite from one of these spiders won’t be landing you in the hospital unless you have a severe allergy to them.

Fun Fact!

Unlike many traditional spiders, who keep their webs high off of the ground, the furrow spider tends to keep its shelter lower to the ground in the foliage of shrubs or even in the grass.

Dog-Day Cicadas:

Why Are They Here?

It seems like every year, we step outside to a loud atmosphere filled with these large, flying, bumbling bugs. They spend the majority of their life underground, and come to the surface after a 13-to-17-year slumber underground to mate, which is why they are suddenly EVERYWHERE you go.

Are They Dangerous?

Aside from the scare you get when one gets caught in your hair and violently screams until you release it, you’re in the clear. More than these guys want to suck your blood (which, they can’t), they’re just looking for some good old fashioned love.

Fun Fact!

During their larval stage, when they are underground, cicadas eat the sap from the roots of trees. When they are adults, though, they do not eat!

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