Bernie continuing to best other Democratic candidates

By Graham Dano Oct 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders is the best candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination as he is uncorrupt, consistent and has no ties to foreign governments or large corporations.

In the Democratic Debate on October 15 as broadcasted on CNN, this could be seen plainly.

Anderson Cooper questioned former Vice-President Joe Biden for not being more prudent on his or his son’s part alleged meddling in Ukrainian affairs while he was.

Following these allegations, President Trump asked Ukrainian President Zelenski to “dig up dirt” on the Biden family to damage Biden’s chances against Trump in the 2020 election.

Biden defended his son’s business dealings when he was vice-president and shielded him from oversight.

Biden’s poll numbers have decreased significantly because of this and bolstered his rivals, primarily Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Of the current front runners, Sanders has received a lot of flack due to his health as he recently had a heart attack and stents placed in his heart.

These accusations are baseless, as are often the case against Sanders.

Heart stents are a common procedure for many Americans, and for Sanders to only get his first ones at the age he is now is a positive sign that his health is robust and better than average for men his age. 

Unlike Warren, Harris and Biden, Sanders has been consistent his entire life on policies affecting his friends and family.

For each candidate there are particular points of discrepancy in their policies.

Sanders would also never get into any sort of foreign meddling, or appearance of such bad judgment, as Biden did with his son.

Biden made the crucial error of trying to hide his son’s business dealings in Ukraine, which Sanders would be too wise to attempt.

As a prosecutor in California, Harris has supported the jailing of minor drug use offenders, which are disproportionately men and women of color – something Sanders has never been behind.

Dissimilar to Warren, Sanders has not backed Republican policies.

While Sanders has staked out similar positions on the issues for the 40 plus years, Warren has not.

She copies nearly everything Sanders says or does on the campaign trail, not sticking to claims and promises she has made in the past. 

Sanders is the most honest, scrupulous and consistent of the candidates from the past two Democratic presidential campaign groupings.

Sanders is also upfront about how Medicare-for-All will raise taxes on the wealthy, and pledges to tax billionaires out of business, boldly declaring “billionaires should not exist” on his Twitter.

This is an example of Sanders’ integrity and honesty.

Tom Steyer, the only billionaire from last Tuesday’s debate stage, admitted Bernie “was absolutely right about billionaires” onstage.

It takes a convincing argument from one’s opponent to admit you are misled in how you have pursued your career and life.

Strong passion for issues and Sanders’ oratory abilities are a testament to success in persuading people to acknowledge his perspective.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents the new, youthful progressive wing of the Democratic Party, also recently endorsed Sanders.

Ocasio-Cortez worked on Sanders’ 2016 campaign before running for Congress in 2018 to unseat Democrat Joe Crowley. 

I don’t see how after seeing the subpar candidates in the race who emulate Sanders, why someone would not support Sanders in the race.

In a time when so many people copy the original, why not simply support the original article in the first place?

I ask my fellow Wesleyan students and Democratic primary voters, as the primaries loom large to consider this important question.

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