Can Trump win 2016?

By admin Sep 23, 2015

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist

Prior to June 16, no one thought Trump would actually run. Even if he did, no one expected much. No one thought he had a chance at winning. He was just a businessman and celebrity.

Now, things have changed. The spotlight is all on him, and he’s the only Republican candidate that everyone is talking about. Trump is considered the GOP frontrunner. He is dominating polls and defying the odds. His critics, the media and the political establishment all thought he couldn’t and wouldn’t draw a horde of supporters.

Yet, he has done just that. He, a non-politician, is putting politicians from both sides of the aisle on the defensive. He isn’t afraid to ask questions and is scrutinizing anyone who can’t give him an honest answer. Trump’s candidacy stands out from all others because he offers confidence and shows the most motivation and drive to win.

Even though Trump offers the promise to win, everyone wonders if he can actually win? Being a popular candidate helps him now, but can he turn this all into cold hard votes? If he wants to win, he must offer explicit answers and solutions, and he needs to be careful not to alienate too many voters in his quest to do away with political correctness.

For advantages, Trump is focusing on important issues. He has made claims to fix illegal immigration, taxes, education, the economy, ISIS, etc.  I see that these issues are not new, but his fervor is appealing. His comments and attitude on many of these political issues are so bold that everyone in the media and on the campaign is being forced to address them.

This shows that the way he is addressing these issues is resonating with people who feel Congress is ignoring them. He doesn’t just promise change; he tries to embody it. For many issues, ISIS and immigration especially, real solutions are needed now. He promises to act promptly and I see that is getting people to listen to him.

Another pro for Trump is that he speaks his mind. I think that we can all agree that following political correctness is the farthest thing from Trump’s mind. His statements thus far tell people what he believes in and stands for. He is against trying to please people and institutions that he doesn’t care for or believe in. His honesty may be brutal, but many people like authenticity.

He does have his faults.

For starters, I see that he is incredibly impulsive. He makes claims about others that are really loved or passionately hated. This was seen when he spoke about illegal immigration, Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos. Trump does have a point when he says that we need some solution to the never ending illegal immigration crisis. He also has the right to criticize others.

He needs to watch what he says. By throwing out the infamous remarks such as “Go back to Univision,” “Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her whatever” and many illegal immigrants are “drug dealers and rapists” he equally pleases some and alienates others.

I do believe Trump has the right to call out the people who are trying to put him in a corner. I also believe he has the right to say why illegal immigration needs to be fixed. His poor choice of words has already angered many, but not all potential Hispanic and women voters.

Another problem Trump has is that he has not given any solid policy plans yet. Trump is applauded for promising to address major issues, but he will earn more scrutiny if he doesn’t tell the media at least a general thought on how he will secure the border, replace the common core curriculum, bring jobs to the US and deal with terrorism in addition to many other important issues.

He makes good promises and sounds incredibly zealous about being a problem solver. Even so, everyone–myself included–would like to know just a little bit as to how he will carry out his so-called plans. If he doesn’t budge a little bit with this, his critics will just have ammunition to use against him later on.

Trump is more than just a powerful, confident businessman. He is someone who has totally shaken up the presidential race. He may be a spectacle, but he is by far the best political showman since Ronald Reagan.

Trump can make it all the way to the White House, but he needs to make changes. He needs to learn to explicitly say how he will be an effective leader and he needs to draw voters from all demographics to him. He needs to find the balance between being bold and being brash. If he can find that balance, he will win.

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