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By admin Apr 6, 2018

By: Emily Blake, Features Editor

As the end of the school year draws near, the IWU seniors inch closer to graduation and the rest of their lives.

However they do not have to make this transition alone. The staff of the Hart Career Center, located on the second floor of the Minor Myers Welcome Center, is working hard to bring them endless opportunities and information to send them out into the world as confident young people.

In the past week there have been speakers, mock interviews and panels. Last Tuesday on March 27, Kevin Kuebler from New Perspectives Financial Services, LLC presented 10 tips for financial literacy for, in and after college to a packed room.

“What he said was easier to conceptualize at this age than when I learned in high school,” said freshman Katie Cavender.

This talk wasn’t targeted to any age in college or any major in particular. His advice was applicable to every student in the room. Kuebler covered everything from reasons student should get a credit card in their own name to the benefits of joining accounts when people get married.

On April 3, the career center hosted a panel of professionals in healthcare including everything from an orthopedic surgeon to a physical therapist.

This event was co-sponsored by Tri-Beta, and students were able to attend and hear six different perspectives about working in the medical field. “It was cool to see people who actually graduated from here, it was like that could be me,” said pre-med student Megan Frederick. “They all survived, and everything went okay even if they didn’t have it figured out all the way.”

Coming up next week on Thursday, April 12, another panel of professionals will be presenting.

The career center and the Illinois Wesleyan Alumni Association Board of Directors are hosting six alumni.

However, this time the speakers will come from the legal field. Each is currently thriving in a legal career or enrolled in law school.

The speakers include Dave Darling ’79 (Construction/Transportation Litigation, Product Defense), Hannah Griffin ’12 (Contract Breaches, Supply Chain Litigation), Jamal Jackson ’17 (Chicago-Kent College of Law), Danielle Kays ’01 (Labor Disputes Attorney), Kira West ’86, (Former U.S. Attorney, Criminal Defense), and Preslav Mantchev ’17 (University of Illinois College of Law).

One huge benefit of having a panel is it allows the talk to be personalized. When students decided they wanted to go, they were asked to fill out a google form which asked about their personal interests and if they had anything in specific questions.

Students from all majors and grade levels are welcome. Being informed on happenings in the law careers has proven to be helpful regardless of major.

The main job of the career center is to be there for the students. Not only can the staff help you with career options, but also networking and being successful in how a student pursues that choice. Bringing in speakers and panels allows IWU to give an up close look at jobs in the real world and provide answers for students with specialized questions.

“This is a fantastic way to hear from successful alumni in your desired career paths. These alumni were in the same seats as you were, and they want to offer their advice and wisdom,” said Special Events Coordinator Patrick Zajac. “Today’s job market is not always about ‘what you know,’ but ‘who you know.’ These alumni can open doors for you in your future.”

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