Comic books come to life in fall’s TV lineup

By admin Sep 23, 2015

Giovanni Solano, Opinions Editor


This fall a slew of superhero TV shows are coming out, each one fighting and competing for your attention. This is here to help you figure out what each show is about to appeal to your interests.


Gotham acts like a prequel, despite not being connected to any of the Batman movies made or currently in production. The show revolves around Officer Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as he deals with crime and corruption in Gotham. The second season is going to cover the rise of future Batman villains and the fallout when traditional crime bosses are overthrown. The show is a nice combination of darkness, grit and dry humor. Season two starts Sept. 21 on Fox.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

If you want a show connected to a cinematic universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might be for you. The show follows Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and his team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as they deal with super-powered humans, secret organizations, spies and inhumans. The show keeps the continuity and tone of the films and makes for nice viewing in between Marvel movies. The first two seasons are available now on Netflix. Season three starts Sept. 29 on ABC.


Arrow tells the story of Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy who is left stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. After watching his dad kill himself on the raft so that his son would have enough food to survive, Queen vows to right the wrongs his father committed on his home town, Starling City. After five years on a deserted island, Queen returns home, armed with new skills, a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Season three left off with Queen and his love-interest, Felicity Smoak, driving off into the sunset together. Inexplicably so, I might add, given that there was a million-mile list of things wrong with the city. Queen will have his hands full throughout season four, which debuts on Wednesday, Oct. 7 on the CW.

The Flash:

Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen, one of the most famous and beloved comic book speedsters of all time. Allen was a crime scene investigator with Central City’s forensic unit until he was exposed to massive amounts of radiation. This radiation endowed him with the ability to move at super-human speeds. He can move fast enough, in fact, that he managed to tear a hole through time, which is where season one leaves off. Due to the wormhole he opened up, he will be exposed to all sorts of super-powered beings, including the infamous Jay Garrick, one of the earliest iterations of the iconic character (time travel, remember?). Season two picks up where Barry left off on Tuesday, Oct. 6 on the CW.

Jessica Jones:

Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter as the titular character, a super powered human turned private detective due to her failed attempt as a superhero. As a detective in the fictitious neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen, she specializes in cases with people with “unusual abilities.” For those wondering what kind of show this might be, it’s dark. Jessica Jones suffers from PTSD after spending several months under the control and abuse of Purple Man (David Tennant). It’s a psychological thriller with elements of noir and a superhero story. The show is scheduled to premiere Nov. 20 on Netflix.

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