Cupids and Arrows

By adviser Feb 12, 2021
Illustration: Katie Fata
Illustration: Katie Fata


I actually have a boyfriend this year! 




Johnny helped us with this.

All he gave us was “Cupid: peepee, Arrow: poopoo.”





You are getting laid tonight.

You are laying in bed taking a depression nap.


“Let me slip into something a little more comfortable. . .”

 It’s a mask. 


Kids in elementary school get to have their cute little valentine’s day parties.

They can’t exchange cute little valentines bc of COVID. 🙁 



You think you saw your soulmate across the quad.

Then they take the mask off…


You’re an astrology GF.

Mercury’s in retrograde this Valentine’s day.


Your ex-girlfriend just released her first EP and it’s really good!

It’s literally all about you.


He’s got a big bulge. 😉

It’s his nose. In his mask.


Hundreds of Tinder matches calling me pretty.

I don’t want to catch COVID or feelings so I refuse to meet up with them.


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Argus!!

By adviser

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