Disney joins overinflated streaming market

By Seth Morgan Oct 11, 2019

Disney will launch its brand new streaming service, Disney Plus, in just a little over a month. 

The addition of Disney Plus will make 10 major streaming services, excluding niche services that cater to a specific genre. 

Many people have stated this is contributing to the so-called “Streaming Wars”, as NBC is set to release their own service in the spring of 2020, and HBO is launching a second streaming service called HBO Max.

The problem with all of these different platforms is that most people will probably only use a couple of these services, likely the ones they view as having the most value. 

The average person is not going to pay more than they would for cable to have access to all of these services. 

All of these large media companies saw Netflix’s success creating multiple original series and movies, while Netflix maintained its catalog of older external movies and TV shows. 

Other companies thought if Netflix can make that much money then why should they miss out on the income?

As one of the first pioneers into the realm of internet streaming Netflix succeeded, not because of its expansive catalog or original programming. 

Netflix’s status at the top of streaming is due to the smart decisions made by its executive board and the timing of the company’s online release. 

Netflix introduced web streaming in 2007, when data speeds had increased to a point where streaming quality was good enough to support the video streaming feature. 

Since then Netflix has grown immensely, easily becoming the biggest streaming platform out there.

After Netflix, the next “king” of the streaming scene right now is Hulu. 

Hulu has a well put together catalog of shows, but what sets the company apart is that it has currently airing shows from various TV media companies, including The Good Place, The Bachelor and Saturday Night Live.

“The problem with all of these different platforms is that most people will probably only use a couple of these services”

Between Netflix and Hulu viewers have an immense catalog of both past and present media, so what are these other emerging streaming services bringing to the table? 

Well, it comes down to the handful of exclusive shows they have, and what shows are being removed off the other services.

NBC will be taking its popular shows like The Office, Friends, and Brooklyn 99 off of Netflix and putting them onto its own private service. 

Disney is taking all of its properties like Star Wars, Marvel, and many other properties from corporate acquisitions, off Netflix and moving them to Disney Plus. 

While these new streaming services do offer the content their companies are known for, it doesn’t offer up anything for those who aren’t already fans. 

All of these new and emerging services cause people to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of streaming platforms available. 

It feels like there is a bubble when it comes to these streaming services, and sooner or later there will be too many different platforms, leading to a few of them crashing down.

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