Editorial: Tricks and treats to guarantee Halloween is a success

By Farah Bassyouni Oct28,2022

Trick: Spooky season is almost over.

Treat: Only 11 months until it is here again!


Trick: You do not have any plans for Halloween.

Treat: You do not have to waste money on a costume you will wear once.


Trick: Fall themed drinks are soon to be over.

Treat: Your Starbucks order will be cheaper.


Trick: No more binging scary movies.

Treat: Time to start watching holiday movies.


Trick: Set your house on fire.

Treat: Marshmallows will be toasted perfectly.


Trick: You aren’t writing for the Argus.

Treat: If you do, you will get $7 for a story. 


Trick: You have a test on Halloween.

Treat: Maybe your professor will bring candy to class.


Trick: Amazon had no original costumes.

Treat: You are not contributing to fast fashion.


Trick: You’re a sigma male.

Treat: You get to dress up as Patrick Bateman for Halloween.


Trick: Your friend group fights over what group costume to do. 

Treat: Less people to get Christmas gifts for.


Trick: Halloween is on a Monday.

Treat: Better than it being on a Sunday.


Trick: Someone has the same niche costume as you.

Treat: New friend <3


Trick: Someone TPs your house.

Treat: Free toilet paper!


Trick: The air is suffocating us.

Treat: Yikes, that one’s rough.


Trick: You black out at a Halloween party.

Treat: You won’t remember the mistakes you made.


Trick: No one understands your couples costume.

Treat: You have a significant other.

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