Emma Chamberlain shapes today’s fashion Trends

By Isabella Parish Nov 13, 2020
Emma Chamberlain started off as a DIY Youtuber and is now a leading fashion influencer. 
Photo: Imago Images

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? If you are like most young people your answer is probably “go on my phone.” Most people start their day on social media, like Instagram, scrolling before they have even hit the ground. 

The main content on Instagram is the pictures. Pictures of yourself, friends, food, your view or anything you want. 

Some people have thrived and used Instagram to their benefit. Emma Chamberlain, Youtuber and social media influencer,  comes to mind when talking about perfect Instagram feeds and using the app to her advantage. While Chamberlain has a casual mood to her photos, they impact so many people and industries in countless ways.

Chamberlain started making light-hearted Youtube videos years ago and now she has grown to have a partnership with Louis Vuitton. She has accumulated 11.2 million followers on just Instagram. 

Fashion has always been a part of her channel, but in recent years she has influenced the industry. Chamberlain would go to a thrift store and buy clothes most 15-year-olds would not even look at, and then style them so well, that others would want to buy similar outfits. 

There are many recent instances of  Chamberlain wearing an item of clothing then it becomes a trend. For example, Chamberlain posted a photo of herself wearing flare yoga pants last month. 

While yoga pants have always been comfortable, reliable pants, they have not truly been in style for over four years. After Chamberlain’s Instagram post, stores like LuluLemon, which specialize in athleisure, were completely sold out of flared yoga pants. 

 Another example would be the sweater vests. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Sweater Vests are one of the most popular trends in the past year. 

Maybe eight years ago the only person you thought would wear a sweater vest was Chandler Bing from Friends, but now you are searching Good Will for one. Chamberlain started wearing sweater vests roughly a year ago and they are still everywhere. 

Pinterest is another widely used, fashion-forward form of social media. I can almost guarantee upon opening it there will be at least five different types of outfits that Chamberlain has made popular. 

For the most part, only young people latch on to her style and try to recreate some of her most popular looks. 

I am guilty of this and have been frantically searching for different thrift stores for a perfect sweater vest for quite a while now.  Chamberlain uses her platform on social media to promote her style, the only difference with her Instagram feed is that it has the power to sway a very large number of people. 

Chamberlain is constantly changing her style which is causing unpredictable fashion trends. 

When it comes to fashion for our generation, Chamberlain is the blueprint. 

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