First Presidential Debate Raises Concern for Upcoming Election

By Sarah Buchmann Oct 2, 2020
The first debate of the General Election was held September 29 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 
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When I woke up Wednesday morning and looked at social media, I saw dozens of memes and ridiculous quotes from Tuesday’s Presidential Debate plastered all over my timeline. I hadn’t watched it in real time, but thanks to CNN and other news sources for posting the entire debate on Youtube, I was able to watch it Wednesday afternoon. 

I sat in the coffee shop and watched the whole 90 minute debate with my jaw dropped the entire time. The only thing the debate proved to me was how doomed our country really is.

I’ll say it outright – I’m not a fan of our current national administration. Since his inauguration, President Trump has only disappointed and outraged myself and millions of other left-leaning Americans. His policies on climate change and the environment, his comments on the LGBT+ community and his repeated racist remarks are repulsive. 

Perhaps the Obama administration wasn’t the best, but since electing Trump in 2016, our country’s political situation has taken a complete nosedive. Last night’s debate only proved further that we are living in a dystopian nightmare.

A debate has never been this argumentative and heated, and certainly not at this level of immaturity. Sure, the 2016 debates between Trump and Hillary polarized our nation and pushed both sides to the extreme, but at least the two candidates remained somewhat civil during the debates. Both Trump and Biden agreed to two minute responses each, uninterrupted by the other, and yet they continued to interrupt each other’s statements and talk over responses. 

The debate was available for streaming online from most mainstream news channels but was hosted by Fox News and moderated by anchor Chris Wallace. 
Photo: Olivia Jacobs

Trump completely bashed Biden throughout the entire debate, and even argued with moderator Chris Wallace. At some point Trump even said to Wallace, “I guess I’m debating you, not [Biden]. That’s okay, I’m not surprised.” 

His behavior is just one example of how Trump bullied his way throughout the debate. Trump insulted Biden’s intelligence and speech impediment, went after deceased members of Biden’s family and accused Biden of doing absolutely nothing in the 47 years of his political career. 

I am not saying that Biden was a saint at the debate or has been a perfect man his whole life, and he is certainly not my top choice for president. However, the debate and constant railing on Biden only continued to prove Trump’s lack of maturity, decorum and plain human decency. 

One of the most outraging parts of the debate was when Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, and instead said that “Proud Boys” should “stand back and stand by.” Wallace and Biden both challenged him on this statement and asked him to condemn white supremacy, but Trump stuttered over the statement and never actually gave a direct response. 

Instead, he redirected the conversation to attacking ANTIFA and the left-wing. Trump refuses to hold his own supporters accountable for their actions. Instead, he blames others for anything and everything.

Biden isn’t perfect either. He continued to throw out huge numbers and off estimates for Covid deaths and health care dependents, called Trump “stupid” and a “clown,” and contradicted previous statements and proposed ideas. 

Debating is not something new and it’s definitely not something Biden does well under pressure. He’s getting old and, frankly, he’s starting to lose it. 

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, will most likely be the first female president after Biden resigns soon after his inauguration, if he even makes it that far. 

He stated that he himself was the democratic party, and I’m not so sure that the rest of America agrees on that. He narrowly beat out Bernie Sanders in the primaries and no one is still quite sure why. 

Biden is slowly slipping away from stability and sanity, and this debate only made me more scared for the upcoming election.

I have never been more terrified for the state of our nation. I thought the election in 2016 was rough, but this is something else. 

On one side, we have a schoolyard bully who insists on keeping the little people down, and on the other side we have a blithering old man who can’t seem to straighten out facts or make an argument without contradicting himself. I might not be a fan of Biden, but I can certainly say that the Trump administration needs to go. 

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