Four feel-good locations on campus, besides your room

By Farah Bassyouni Oct14,2022

Illinois Wesleyan is home to a number of different departments and offices. In all the chaos of campus, there are a few select spaces that are perfect for relaxing in between classes, grabbing a snack and just sitting comfortably for a while. 


Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

On the second floor of Hansen Student Center is the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, where everyone is welcome. You’ll be greeted by the Director of ODI, Sharla Brown-Ajayi’s warm smile and a comfortable couch with fluffy blankets. 

Brown-Ajayi’s office feels more like a living room, with an Apple TV at the center for students to log into any streaming platform, right in front of the couch for convenience. With a fridge, a cabinet full of free snacks and a lot of tea, the space is ready for students looking for relaxation. 

Away from the fluorescent lights of dull classrooms, ODI has sunshine, and a warm ambiance that fits right in with the colorful pillows and art on the walls. There’s also an entire corner dedicated to stress relief with magazines and fun stress toys. 

While there may be a couple people already there, the office requires minimal social effort. It’s the perfect place to do some homework, have some quiet time or catch up on some TV. 


International Office 

As soon as you walk onto the third floor of the Center for Liberal Arts, you’ll be greeted by Jessica Marse, the International Office Director, who will be so happy to see you. With plants and paintings all around the office, it is one of the happiest spaces on campus. 

Beautiful string lights hang from the ceiling and there are snacks in every corner. You can admire the paintings while you heat your food up in the kitchen, where there’s always a piece of cake for students to eat. 

Find a cozy spot on one of the space’s big gray couches, which are sure to have enough throw pillows to keep you comfy. The relaxed atmosphere of the space is complete with a fur carpet, glass coffee table and coasters for your coffee.  

Students occasionally pass through, but the area is usually empty and quiet. Its convenient location in CLA makes it the perfect place to take a break in-between classes. 


Fourth floor of Ames 

Most people who have seen “Beauty and the Beast,” especially English majors, have imagined spending time in the beautiful library in the Beast’s castle.

 The fourth floor of Ames is modeled after that library. When the elevator doors open you’re greeted with a tall, circular bookshelf that envelops the center of the floor and creates its own closed-off room. 

It has a ladder connected to tracks that can be pushed to reach books in different areas of the bookshelf wall.  Its velvet-covered chairs are designed to give readers maximum comfort. So, whether you’re studying for your class or trying to live out your “Beauty and the Beast” moment, the fourth floor of Ames will add a little extra magic to your reading routine. 


Memorial Center outdoor patio

The Dugout is often too crowded for a quiet lunch hour, and sometimes you don’t have enough time to go all the way back to your room before your next class starts. Luckily, the Memorial Center patios just outside the dugout are relaxing spots for passing the time. 

The seating areas right outside the coffee shop are hit by the sun just right in the afternoon so you can sit outside and not be bothered. 

Immediately after stepping outside the noise of people hurrying through their sub-connection sandwiches fades away. You can set your bag down, and say hello if you see a friend on the sidewalk on their way to class. 

There’s a great view of the quad, and it’s definitely the place to people-watch since it’s a level lower than the walking ground. Without being too creepy though, it’s better to catch up on a show while you eat or call a friend until you have to continue on with your day.


While it’s tempting to run back to your room and get in bed, sometimes the feel-good energy you need to go on with your day is right next to you. These spaces are made for students, and they might require a little extra looking for, but they’re worth the relaxing time alone. On a gloomy day, take a few steps to the closest feel-good location and treat yourself to some student-catered alone time.

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