Freshman sprints to first place in IWU history books

By Farah Bassyouni Feb 17, 2023

Track and Field can appear to be a simple sport compared to most other sports for being less complex. But since grade school, everyone has wanted to be the fastest on the blacktop to claim the title of “fastest kid.” 

In track and field, you can claim that title and cement your legacy in school history. 

Jahari Scott, a first-year dual-athlete in track and field and football has seen early success in his collegiate career. 

On Saturday, February 11, Scott cemented himself into Illinois Wesleyan University history, breaking the 60-meter dash record with a time of 6.92. 

The record-breaking time puts Scott second all-time for the CCIW and tied for 31st in all of Division III this season. 

How did he do it?


  1. Did you prepare for this race the same as you did in previous races? 


  1. Yeah, nothing different coming into this race honestly. I usually like to do my long jumps first, since I compete in both. So, I’ll do a normal long jump first and then after that I do a couple of sprint outs, some light warm ups and I make sure to do one start before the race and I’m ready to go. 


  1. Any pre-race rituals or superstitions? 


  1. No, none of that. It’s strictly business, I just go out there and compete. 


  1. What was going through your mind before the race? 


  1. I had actually been sick all week coming into the race, I wasn’t feeling really good and I didn’t even want to run. I felt as if my body was dying, moments before the race I was in the locker room with my teammates and realized it was time to go out there. I knew I was ranked fifth going into the race and I was in lane 2 so I naturally thought all these dudes were faster than me. 


  1. How was the feeling after the race? 


  1. After the race it was just in shock, I was like woah that’s crazy but it wasn’t until Coach Lowder came up to tell me I had broken the record. Funny thing is he told me I’d run a sub seven but I didn’t read much into it. 


  1. What keeps you motivated through all your rookie success? 


  1. Not being satisfied. I’m constantly trying to better myself, the goal is never to be in one place but to always move up and break boundaries. Along with that, my family. They play such a huge role in my life, my family is everything. I have my younger siblings’ names tattooed on me, family will always be a big part of me. 


  1. What’s next for Jahari Scott? 


  1. Hopefully winning the conference that’s my goal. If I win the conference that’s a huge step into making nationals and anything can happen there. In terms of my career, I want that 100-meter record too, the 60-meter was never my race but I guess it is now. 


The Illinois Wesleyan Track and Field Team will host their final meet on Friday, February 17 before the conference championships that will be hosted at the Sirk Center Indoor Track.

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