Help@Ames introduces interactive “Idea Wall”

By admin Feb 12, 2015

Emily Considine, Staff Writer


Recently, the Ames Library Help@Ames desk created an interactive “Idea Wall” for students to engage more with each other, the library and the university itself.

The ideas and topics change from month to month, incorporating things such as holidays, breaks and so on.

“The Idea Wall was inspired by Oak Park Public Library’s Idea Box. Everyone on campus has different experiences in general, and they experience Ames Library differently,” said Science Librarian and Help@Ames Administrator Crystal Boyce.

“Something like the Idea Wall represents a communal space where the IWU community can share various experiences while we relate the themes back to our educational missions,” she continued.

The Help@Ames desk creates a connection between the Ames Library and Information Technology Services, serving students, faculty, staff and community members with any technological or library questions they might have.

“Encouraging people to get involved here at Ames is a big part of the Help@Ames desk objectives. These exhibits can be very interactive and can make people think, or stop thinking for a few moments,” said student assistant and team leader Jessica Shultz.

“This idea wall will increase the overall health of our community and will make for some very interesting things to show our prospective students,” she said.

These interactive exhibits are intended to create more foot traffic at not only the Help@Ames desk, but also other areas of the library. “I think it’s an interesting way to teach students about the library and let them know what’s going on. It’s definitely more exciting to interact than to listen about information,” said senior Kelly Green.

The “Idea Wall” covers a variety of topics on a monthly basis. For example, February’s title is called, “What’s Your Passion?” This month incorporates all passions, from science to sports, some topics related to Valentine’s Day. “We’re particularly excited for February, where we’ll highlight Minor Myers Jr. and some of the ways his legacy continues,” said Boyce.

There is a program called “Blind Date with a Book,” in which students can pick a book with its title covered up, check it out, and then take the paper off, revealing the title.

“I will definitely be participating in the Blind date with a Book activity. It’s an exciting and creative way to get students to read and utilize the books at Ames,” said junior Jillian Bleck.

Students can pick up a book any time at the Help@Ames desk during the month of February.

There is also a poster dedicated to the 10 benefits of reading, which encourages student to use the library resources whether to check out a book from Ames or to use MegaSearch to find a book from another source.

“I think the Idea Wall gives Ames a way to interact more directly with students, and gives the student population a fun place to learn about what’s happening on campus and interact in a different way,” said Schultz.

“It is important to Ames because it lets the librarians see what the students are interested in and makes the library seem a little more fun and inviting rather than just a place to print and try not to pull your hair out while studying.”

The month of March will display a “March Madness” bracket involving books by famous female authors. There will also be an interactive map where students can post pins and let Ames know where they are planning on going for Spring Break.

The Idea Wall is located across from the Help@Ames desk, which is located immediately to your right upon entering the front doors of Ames library.

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