Horoscopes: What kind of semester you’ll have based on your Zodiac Sign

By Farah Bassyouni Sep18,2023


You’ve been partying all summer and that’s okay. But school is now in session. The transition to school might be difficult, but you must find balance in your routine. As SZA – your lord and savior – once said, “you like 9-5, I’m the weekend’. The party doesn’t have to stop, it just needs to stick to the weekends so you can focus on your studies. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are lots of people around you who care about you and your success! Everyone is rooting for you this semester. Either way, you gotta get your act together and fast. Save the partying for Fiji or TKE (or neither, you’re better than that anyway). 


So you’re back at school. So is your ex-partner. That you may run into occasionally in the hallways or on a late-night run to get a snack from dugout. A run-in with your past boo doesn’t have to be the most soul-crushing experience out there, as long as you handle it gracefully. All you need is an elegant hair toss and the determination to not make eye contact. This is your semester. You got this. Knowing you, you’ll probably have a new crush just in time for all the cutesy Fall events. And ain’t nothing wrong with that. 


Listen…we don’t want a repeat of last semester. It’s better to start adjusting to a regular school routine early on before things get out of hand, again. Everyone organizes their lives differently, and you just have to find out what works for you. Whether that’s setting multiple alarms, getting up extra early, or finding healthier ways to de-stress when it all gets too much; you got this semester in the bag. Avoid burnout by getting enough sleep, food, and wholesome social time with your besties. Maybe a splash of cold water between classes to help awaken your senses, and don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. 


Your schedule might be different than what you’re used to this semester, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You’ll be exposed to more areas on campus you might not be used to. And you know what that means; meeting more people on campus. Who knows? Maybe you’ll finally spice up your love life this semester and meet a new boo. Don’t shy away, Cancer! You can get through a couple of awkward interactions at first, and then you’ll be golden. It’s time to spread those wings and let out that social butterfly. 


Aren’t you tired? Tired of carrying the weight of your entire friend group’s social life? You’re the goat, The Man, the one who’s always planning the fun for their friends. You’re also kind of a dictator, but your friends still love you for it because no one goes as hard as you. But this semester you may want to take a step back, discover democracy in your friend group, and let someone else invest their time in you for a change. Honestly, you deserve it. So, sit back, relax, and have fun. There will be a lot in store for you this semester. 


It’s no coincidence that the school year starts during the month of your solar return. It’s your birthday time and whether you’ve already celebrated or not, this is your time to shine. This whole solar return is about you, you, you. Plan a non-traditional birthday party like inviting everyone over for some deep bonding, maybe a round of We’re Not Really Strangers? Either way, use this energy to get to really strengthen the connections around you and expand your social circle.


It’s time to use that charm, charisma, and intelligence to your advantage. This semester, it’s all about furthering your place on campus. Start campaigning for a position at Student Senate, join all your favorite RSOs, go for that executive position. And of course, write your heart away for The Argus. You can even enlist your buddies for help. It’s time for everyone on campus to meet that involved and engaged over-achiever in you. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself out and recharge when you need to. 


Classmates to lovers? This semester, a new classmate will catch your eye and become your crush. But let’s not rush things. Before you start your flirting, just become friends with them first. Invite them to chill with your posse and then decide if you want to develop the relationship. Try something different this time and just keep things open-ended, no pressure. Until you know how you feel, be cool. Be chill. That can be especially hard for you, Scorpio, but this is a new semester – you might as well take a different approach to things and see how it turns out. 


Sagittarius needs a variety of activities in their schedule to be happy. So you should totally sign up for all the things that interest you this semester. Explore new hobbies and extracurriculars. It’s time to try something new, even if it’s intimidating at first. Not only will it keep you busy, but it will also help you learn more about yourself. Just make sure you don’t overbook yourself and give yourself some free time. 


Since you’re always so worried about the future, you might as well use this time to check out a job fair or do some research on post-graduation opportunities. You never know what you might encounter. That being said, everyone knows how stubborn you can be. Plans might not always work out, so try to be present and just go with whatever feels right. This is the time to let go of that stubbornness and imagine yourself on different paths. You gotta keep an open mind. 


Enough is enough. You’ve been in your villain era for quite some time. This semester, commit to a humanitarian cause that you believe in or start your philanthropic journey. Start learning what it’s like to work with others and for a cause that is bigger than yourself; it will be very rewarding and it might warm up that heart of yours. It’s time to put yourself out there and really be a part of the community. 


You’ve been holding back, Pisces. Get those creative juices flowing! With all your talent, it’s time to put those designs and ideas to work. Throw ideas around this semester and really get into the creative groove. It’s still early on in the semester, but it’s never too early to get passionate about what you love. Join a play, attend a TARTS meeting to draw your heart out, and write for The Argus or whatever. Get inspired! It’s not the time to be gate-keeping that creativity of yours. 

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