IWU Spring Break 2023, what are your plans this year?

By Farah Bassyouni Mar 3, 2023

Credit: Argus Staff

Spring break will begin on March 10, and the Illinois Wesleyan campus will re-commence classes after 10 days. Some students will stay on campus, others will participate in spring activities and some will spend their time at home with their families. On average, over 25 percent of college students travel for spring break. 

For some students, the break is about taking the time to make the rest of the semester easy. 

“I’m planning on going back home to Texas to rest, catch up on work, and get ahead,” sophomore Asante Anglade said. “I’m most excited for the food back home, being able to cook and getting a reasonable amount of sleep.” 

Other students plan to take advantage of the time off to take trips and vacation with friends. 

“I am spending the week with my friends in Wisconsin,” sophomore MJ Soria said. “We’re spending a week in my friend’s cabin in the woods. We’re hoping to do some bonfire activities and just really enjoy each other’s company.”

“I’ll be going on a trip to Virginia and DC with two of my best friends. We’ll start in Virginia and then take the train to go to DC and stay there for a while,” sophomore Amanda Victoria Balaba said. “I’m excited about traveling with my friends and visiting new places”. 

Some are excited to not have anything to do during the break. 

“I’m excited to be home again, I miss my big bed. The only plan I have is to sleep,” junior Tatiana Sykes said. 

“I am so very excited to see my cats!” sophomore Lily ‘lilyhascats’ Sakalys said.  

“Although I don’t really do much during spring break, since it’s hard to fly back home, I like to use this time to find gratitude in the warm changes that come along with spring,” junior Jezuete Lafuente said. 

Due to the relaxation of covid restrictions, USA Today predicts this spring break will be the busiest one since before the pandemic began. IWU campus will reopen at 9:00 a.m., March 19. 

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