Jeb Bush should give up and go home

By admin Nov 16, 2015

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist


How is it that Jeb Bush’s campaign has fallen so far?

What once started as a promising presidential campaign has turned into a tumultuous endeavor. Simply put, Jeb Bush is struggling. It is not that he has to fight for attention and recognition. Rather, the problem is that voters are not listening to him. Without the voters, he lacks the needed support.

Due to that problem, he has had to cut staff and spending in order to stay afloat and post ads. He criticizes his opponents on the left and the right, but everyone is largely unaffected.  His donors and base are starting to conclude his campaign is doomed.

Worst of all, he doesn’t acknowledge that his campaign has serious issues. He claims he is re-starting his campaign, but it looks as though he is just updating his image while changing nothing.

In reality, he is supposed to be the GOP frontrunner, but many have jumped ship to support Marco Rubio. Jeb is a well-established former politician that has all the earmarks for presidential success – he even has the Bush family name and legacy behind him.

Family money and presidential support from dad and an older brother should help. He also has no scandals to worry about. As governor of Florida, he had no dirty laundry aired out, and he left office on a high note. He has established his name and doesn’t have to do much to make himself known.

The question is, why is he doing so badly in the presidential race? His poll numbers are near the very bottom. While there are probably too many GOP candidates in the field right now, someone like him should not have such low numbers.

Perhaps he is paying the price for not being innovative or standing out. If this were 2012, perhaps being an established politician would help Bush. Now, 2015 is the year of the outsiders, who are doing phenomenally well.

I believe Bush is struggling because he can’t make himself seem passionate and effective. He did not stand out, nor gain momentum from any of the presidential debates, but his opponents have. While there is still time to gain ground before the primaries, he is still drowning in low poll numbers.

Even still, I believe Jeb Bush cannot and will not win. He is the great former governor of Florida, but he may be too timid to lead the nation. Even if he were to miraculously turn around and win it all, he will have to deal with shadow of his brother’s presidency.

He has had months to prove himself against any and all opponents. Some may say Bush has established himself amongst others, but Trump and Sanders have made their opinions and intentions known, and people come out in droves to see them.

Their ability to work crowds in their favor is a skill Bush lacks. Trump and Sanders may just be entertaining and energizing their base, but they are rewarded for it. Bush has not done that. The results are evident.

Jeb Bush needs to drop out now before he gets buried in the primaries. It would look better for him and the GOP.

It isn’t that Bush can’t be a good, effective politician. He just can’t muster up enough support to beat out someone like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in 2016.

By admin

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