Meet the Editors: The real stars of The Argus 2023

By Farah Bassyouni Apr 28, 2023

Top 5 stories: 

– Best restaurants in the Bloomington-Normal community 

– Opinion: Harry Styles’ Grammy win was not completely deserved 

– Opinion: Nigel the Goose is a nuisance to Illinois Wesleyan

– IWU’s increased tuition raises concern among students

– Opinion: The Biology Department is a strong force at IWU


Meet The Editors:

Matthew Noguez, Sports Editor

Favorite TV Show: Peaky Blinders

“It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball.”

Billy Bean from “Moneyball”


Molly Morrissey, Copy Editor

Favorite Movie: The 1991 version of Father of the Bride

“This is gonna be just like senior year except for funner!” Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde


Katie Staroszczyk, Opinions Editor

Favorite Movie Soundtrack: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

“If I could do anything at all, I’d really like to pee standing up.” from The Fundamentals of Caring


Farah Bassyouni, News Editor

Favorite Movie: “About Time”

“Can’t kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy.” from the movie “About Time”


Samson Mosley, Business Manager

Favorite Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“I go to seek a great perhaps.” Looking for Alaska television show. 


Liam Killian, Artistic Director 

Favorite TV show? Adventure Time

Dexter Season 1, Episode 4

“No way, I wanna be Joe from ‘Blue’s Clues.’”

Written down on: November 2, 2019 at 8:59 p.m. 


Isabella Parish, Editor-in-Chief

Most influential movie I have ever seen: 10 Things I Hate About You

“Sometimes, I think you talk just to make sounds.” Ryan Atwood from The OC

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