Opinion: Fall remains the superior season

By James Stein Sep17,2021
Image by Isabel Sperry
Image by Isabel Sperry

Although fall technically begins on Sept. 22 this year, it feels as though it is already upon us. Starbucks has brought back pumpkin spice everything, bags of candy corn are on Target shelves, and sweatshirts are replacing tank tops. With the premier of the new season approaching in less than a week, the debate on whether summer or fall is superior has been prompted amongst my friends. As a fall enthusiast myself, I consider Sept. 1 my official fall start date. Fall is far superior to summer and I am happy to argue for it. 

There are multiple amazing holidays throughout the season. Summer has the Fourth of July, a holiday full of drinking and fireworks. It is fun in moderation, but is nothing compared to October and November holidays. Fall has Halloween and Thanksgiving, which are holidays that last for weeks and we get a break for. Halloween is all about candy, scary and not so scary movies, costumes and general spooky vibes. There is something for everyone. Children enjoy trick-or-treating while college students binge watch movies. Thanksgiving has evolved over the years. It is about being thankful for things in life like friends, family, or  just free food. People get to enjoy carb-heavy, delicious dishes like sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Not only are the holidays, and the food, better, but so is the weather. 

Summer has beautiful yet deadly sunshine, it can make you melt or burn to a crisp. Fall has a subtle wind that blows around colorful leaves, leaves you chilled but not freezing. Illinois weather can change from windy to sunny to snowing in a heartbeat, leaving one to resort to adding or removing layers within a midst of an hour. 

Along with the weather, fall fashion is superior. Shorts and tank tops in summer means putting sunscreen on absolutely everywhere. Being bundled up in a bulky winter coat leaves less room to get creative with styling outfits. Sweaters and jeans are classic fall staples, sunscreen is at least optional. Such a classic combination is perfect for all the fall photo opportunities present in the community. 

As a sorority woman, it is ingrained in me to have photoshoots with my sisters. Fall is the perfect time for this; warm colors and pumpkins are everywhere. Such an amazing spot can be found at local Rader Family Farms where there is pumpkin and squash galore. They also have their iconic corn maze, a fun activity and photo opportunity in one. 

In summer, the campus is either perpetually empty or full of prospective students on tours. When fall comes around, it comes to life. Students and faculty are seen again, many stressed yet happy to be back on our beautiful campus. Sporting events start up again, and the many trees turn even more beautiful, making walks to class highly anticipated. While I do still love summer and it’s joys like beach trips and barbecues, fall has my heart. When pitted against each other, fall is the superior season.

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