Opinion: Texas abortion law wrongfully marginalizes women

By James Stein Sep24,2021
Image by Isabel Sperry
Image by Isabel Sperry

The abortion law in Texas has been passed prohibiting abortions six weeks after the last menstrual cycle. A provider of abortion could be sued for performing the procedure any later. The new Texas law has a section 171.207 which states, “Notwithstanding Section 171.005 or any other law, the requirements of this subchapter shall be enforced exclusively through private civil actions as described in Section 171.208.”

 There is still Roe v. Wade which hasn’t been knocked down yet. Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S 113 still protects a woman’s liberty to get an abortion without the government’s say. Texan women have the chance to control their bodies without government intervention. There are still the citizens who will criticize women who get an abortion as after the Texas Law was passed there was a website made that allowed people to report those who did get an abortion. This caused several threats to be sent out and if it got taken further, could have led to some getting incarcerated for exercising their right to receiving an abortion. Numerous activists were therefore able to take down the website.

This new Texas law traps victims of rape and/or domestic violence. This is unfair and every human being has the right to decide whether to keep a child or put it up for adoption. No one should take over the power of a victim; they have a voice and their body is theirs to control. Human beings are capable of expressing themselves. Throughout history, governments have been entrapping victims and those who identify as females with laws and attempting to take over their bodies. I believe that each individual who possesses a uterus should have the option of bearing children or not. 

Some say it’s murder and whoever gets or gives the abortion will go to hell, but that’s their opinon and mindset and is not a part of their life or affecting them in any way. So please get a grip on reality, educate yourself before speaking down on others, and put yourself in that person’s position. An abortion may be chosen by the person due to health issues, a rape that may have occured, domestic violence, not having the financial support to raise a child, not mature or independent enough, or may have mental issues that may harm the child in the future. So put yourself in the shoes of someone who may have been in one or many of these circumstances and could only choose to get an abortion. It’s not fair to bash other people for making a life choice just because it makes you uncomfortable or may go against your  beliefs. Every human being has the right to live their life according to their desires and circumstances that are put in front of them. 

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