Opinion: The 16 personality test is captivating for students

By Farah Bassyouni Feb 3, 2023

Often when you hear the words “personality tests” it brings up memories of Buzzfeed quizzes such as “Which Harry Potter Character Are You” or “What Flavor Ice Cream Fits Your Personality”. They tend to be silly and not give a lot of details about what kind of person you actually are. With the 16 Personality Test, they delve deeper into your personal qualities and values to give you a more informative look at who you are.

 In the 16 personality test, they start by categorizing four different types of people: the analysts, diplomats, sentinels, and explorers, and then get more specific from there. The 16 Personality Test is something that people use to define themselves and yet some think is meaningless, similar to how some feel about astrology. Even if the test isn’t rooted in actual science, it is still a fun way to discover yourself and relate to your friends. 

For the Analysts, there is the Architect (INTJ-A or INTJ-T) which is described as the imaginative and strategic thinkers that have a plan for everything. There is also the Logician (INTP-A or INTP-T) which is described as inventors that have a desire for knowledge. There is also the Commander (ENTJ-A or ENTJ-T) which are bold people that are imaginative and strong-willed people that always find a way or make one. And lastly for the analysts we have the Debaters (ENTP-A or ENTP-T) who can’t resist an intellectual challenge who are smart and curious thinkers. 

For the Diplomats we have the Advocates (INFJ-A or INFJ-T) that are quiet and mystical and inspiring idealists. The Mediators are next (INFP-A or INFP-T) who are described as altruistic and poetic that are always down to help a good cause. The Protagonists (ENFJ-A or ENFJ-T) are charismatic and inspiring leaders that are able to mesmerize their listeners. Lastly for the Campaigner (ENFP-A or ENFP-T) who is enthusiastic and creative spirit that always finds a reason to smile. 

Next we have the Sentinels, including the Logistician (ISTJ-A or ISTJ-T) that are practical people who are very reliable. We also have the Defender (ISFJ-A or ISFJ-T) who is very dedicated and a warm protector that is always ready to defend the people they love. There is also the Executive (ESTJ-A or ESTJ-T) that is an administrator and a task and people manager. For the Consul (ESFJ-A or ESFJ-T) the description is extremely caring, social, and popular people, always wanting to help. 

With that we have the Explorers with Virtuoso (ISTP-A or ISTP-T) being the bold and experimental type that is a master of tools. We also have the Adventurer (ISFP-A or ISFP-T) who is a charming artist that’s ready for exploration and new experiences. Then we have the Entrepreneur (ESTP-A or ESTP-T) who is smart and a very perceptive person who likes living on the edge. And finally we have the Entertainer (ESFP-A or ESFP-T) who is a spontaneous and energetic person, someone who makes life interesting. 

Now that you have all of the brief information and definitions for the type of personality that you most identify with, I encourage you to go and take the test for yourself to see which of the sixteen personalities fits you best. 

However, I recommend that you take these different types of personality recommendations with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, being honest and the best version of yourself is all that matters. These tests don’t actually define you but they might help you learn a little more about yourself.

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