Pagan Student Association Tea Party

By Farah Bassyouni Jan 22, 2024

On January 17th, the Pagan Student Association (PSA) hosted their annual tea party in Fellowship Hall at the Evelyn Chapel from 6-8pm. The PSA Tea Party welcomed all newcomers and non-pagans to drink tea, study, complete homework, or learn about the association. All PSA executive board members were in attendance. Executive board member Cloud Benn attended the event. 

“The organization is a group of students who practice and don’t practice Paganism come together to share interests and experiences within spirituality,” Benn said. “This helps expand each other’s minds.”

The Tea Party allowed the PSA to promote their upcoming events throughout the spring semester. Several of those upcoming events will talk about different spiritual communities and the proper techniques to represent those groups. One activity that the PSA plans to host is poppet doll making, which is a making a doll that represents a person to cast spells on or to aid that person through magic. There will also be a bake sale and possibly a metaphysical fair. Metaphysical fairs are events where individuals interested in metaphysical and spiritual topics come together. 

Typically, the fair features vendors, workshops and practitioners that may offer tarot readings, energy healing, and discussions on topics including astrology, crystals, and alternative healing methods. Apart from the future events mentioned at the Tea Party, Benn explained what the PSA strives to accomplish.

Benn said, “The Pagan Student Association (PSA) is a student organization that welcomes everyone that is Pagan and non-Pagan. We welcome everyone to the organization even if you want to learn more about Paganism and other religions or spiritualities. Our exec board which includes Liz, Dagger, Ghost, and myself are open-minded and have done continuous research on our own time so we can help others.”

To learn more about the PSA, attend their meetings that occur once or twice a month or email Katherine Watson at

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