Presidential race has Trump card

By admin Dec 23, 2014

Daniel Maibenco


The Republicans have taken control of the Senate. If you were predicting that this wasn’t going to happen, then this must be a great surprise.

The Republicans had a historic night. They had never flipped seven senate seats nor gained enough House seats to surpass post WWII levels.

With this new wave emboldening them, they must prepare for the future. They have the potential to garner new supporters of their party from a wide variety of socioeconomic groups, but they lack one important thing. That thing is a strong 2016 Presidential candidate.

Even if the Republicans make reforms with immigration, Obamacare, tax policies, the national budget, the national debt, etc., it will be for naught if they do not have someone to strongly reflect their notion for change.

The current possibilities for a presidential candidate are good, but they may not draw national support.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, seems like a good candidate, but the stain of the Bridgegate scandal and his attitude and remarks towards fellow Republicans may alienate the support he needs to win.

Another possibility is Mitt Romney, the well-liked 2012 Presidential candidate. While many argue the country would be in a better position if he would have won in 2012, he still may not win. If he were to run for president, it will be his third attempt since 2008. Some people will not care if he runs, but others will say, “He had his chance, he needs to step aside.”

The last current possibility is Jeb Bush. He is an extremely popular former governor of Florida and the brother of President George W. Bush and son of President George H.W. Bush. While he may be an effective and well-liked politician, his candidacy may be met with suspicion. From 1981-1993 and 2001-2009 there has been a Bush in the White House. Perhaps the Bush family should also step aside, at least for a while.

While these strong possible candidates are well-liked, they may not be strong enough to win nationwide support. Therefore the Republicans need someone who may be an outsider. They need someone who has not been involved with all the congressional madness of the past several years. One such person is Donald Trump.

He is someone who has time and time again proven himself not only as an exceptional businessman, but also a job creator. If the American people want the economy to be in a better position, they should elect someone who truly understands the ins and outs, the good and the bad.

Why would Trump be a good leader? He has many of the qualities that leaders must have to succeed. He is well-known throughout the world. Many see his name as standing for success as well as being completely serious and professional. He has withstood both good and bad times. When he was dealt with less-than-ideal circumstances or was criticized, he did not cower. He stood his ground and gave himself credibility.

He owns a global business empire. He owns and operates various real estates and businesses worldwide. He works tirelessly to make all his endeavors a success. Most importantly, he is an excellent showman. When he talks, he commands attention. Any time he speaks, people listen. Whether you love or hate him, he does know what he is talking about. Also, he means what he says (ex. “you’re fired”).

If the American people want to once again be put on a long-term and successful economic path, they must have a leader who will do what is right, stand up to others and play no games. A good leader does not apologize for anything or decide what is or isn’t relevant. They treat everyone and every issue as important, even if is unpopular and difficult. If the American people want a leader who is not a pushover nor egotistical, they should ask for Donald Trump to run for president in 2016.

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