Sodexo offers fresh new specials for Illinois Wesleyan students and Tommy’s and Dugout

By admin Apr 12, 2015

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Now that spring break is over and we’re all living and eating on campus daily, it can sometimes be hard to break away from the monotony of the standard menu items offered at Bertholf Commons, Tommy’s and the Dugout. While we sometimes branch out from the Meal Exchange options and spend our munch money for something different, a new special on the menu is always welcome – especially one that’s delicious.

Both Dugout and Tommy’s started offering new specials for Meal Exchange on their menus this week, and we have to say, they’re pretty solid.

At the Sub Connection in the Dugout, the Thai Chicken Sub is a must try. It includes grilled chicken, coleslaw and your choice of cheese on a Thai seasoned sub with a curry mayonnaise, and comes with chips and a 20 oz. drink. Though the curry mayo is a bright shade of green, which can be a little off-putting, it has a sweet curry flavor that pairs well with the grilled chicken and the coleslaw. While, at times, the coleslaw can be runny and tends to make the bread soggy, the addition of a layer of lettuce will help cut back on the occasional drippy-ness. Overall, the sandwich adds a variety of flavors that aren’t usually offered at the Dugout, and, for the most part, it gets our thumbs up.

Take a trip across campus to Tommy’s and try their new Jerk Chicken Cobb Salad that’s on special for Meal Exchange. The salad is massive – with a huge bed of mixed greens, a pile of grilled jerk chicken, corn, beans, onions, avocado and blue cheese crumbles as well as a creamy mango dressing, there’s no way you’ll finish your meal and still be hungry. The ingredients were fresh and tasty, and although the avocado was forgotten each of the three times the meal was ordered and the dressing was less of a creamy mango and more of a Yoplait yogurt mixture, the size of the meal and the quality of the ingredients overrode its mis-advertisement. Minor faults aside, this is definitely a special we would like to see more frequently in Tommy’s, or, even better – permanently added to the Meal Exchange menu.

While beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to dining options on a college campus, Sodexo is doing all that it can to provide new, interesting and enjoyable specials for the Illinois Wesleyan University student body. Make sure to try them before they’re taken off the menu, they’ll only be here for so long!


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