Sodexo survey responses

By admin Mar 30, 2018

The Argus circulated a survey to effectively gauge student opinion on the on-campus dining services by Sodexo. Rather than email, the survey was spread through Illinois Wesleyan student groups on social media.  Questions focused on the quality and nutritional value of the food, how dietary restrictions are being met and students perceptions of the environmental sustainability of Sodexo, among other things. Here are the unedited responses from students. 

Question: If you do have dietary restrictions, please specify. Do you believe your needs have been adequately met by IWU dining services?

Vegetarian. More options besides just a salad bar.

No- they could provide a wider variety of healthier options


Peanut allergy, yes

I’m just fat

Vegetarian needs not being met.

multiple food intolerances/IBS not at all

Vegetarian. Yes.



I can’t have dairy, and in order to eat healthy and be safe there’s basically nothing for me to eat. The vegetarian section/vegan section at saga always has dairy in it too so salad is still the only good option.

vegan, and no there aren’t very nutritious/tasteful options

No. The food isn’t healthy and most of it is processed.

I’m vegetarian and I’m fairly satisfied

Need organic fruit

Vegetarian. Not met.

Gluten free and lactose intolerant. There are options, just not always appetizing. There are very minimal options

compared to other food diets.

Gluten free- no

Vegetarian. No. There’s not adequate or various vegetarian options

Milk, and no it’s everywhere. Impossible to get away from

I eat gluten free and aside from SubConnection offering GF bread, and Souper Salad, there really isn’t much more than that.



Vegetarian. There are some options like the salad and sandwich lines but these can get old very quickly. More variety in the vegetarian options at the passport line would be nice.

Vegetarian and yes.

Vegetarian-there are almost no options other than salad or a cheese sandwich.

I try to avoid dairy because I’m lactose intolerant, and I try to not eat meat while on campus, so while I’m not strictly vegan, the only options I am left with are in the salad bar. The vegetarian/vegan options at The Commons are disappointing at best, nauseating at worst.

Nut allergies; peanuts are well enough addressed, though other nuts like almonds could be more clearly labeled.

Vegetarian/Vegan. No, I almost ended up in the hospital because I wasn’t eating enough

Vegetarian. My needs have been barely met

Peanut Allergy

I can’t have too much dairy, and everything has an inordinate amount of cheese.

Question: With 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, how would you rank the quality/freshness of food at Illinois Wesleyan?  Why did you assign the score that you did?  (Responses do not include the ranking given)

The food makes me feel sick sometimes and doesn’t taste as good as it should
Not always fresh or cooked
It’s gross.
Have you eaten here?
Even the healthy options such as salads do not seem fresh and are often frozen for awhile
its edible
Nothing is Fresh… It is all frozen
Not always the freshest
I’ve never thought “wow that was a good meal” after eating on campus
My dog eats better quality food than the food they serve. Goes right in and right out. That can’t be good
My dog eats better food
It’s worse than fast food places. At least Wendy’s has the decency to advertise never-frozen beef.
Because they don’t have fresh fruits and their food is pretty fake and gross tasting besides their wings
The fruits and vegetables are never fresh and food is often cold 2 minutes after getting it
It is all disgusting. Even in the salad bars, the lettuce is slimy, and the meat and vegetables aren’t fresh.
I work for Sodexo and I see the ingredients and am very aware of their food policy. (Once food has been cooked leftovers can be stored and used in new dishes for 3 days only.)
The food is new and different everyday, and often meat is carved to order.
I’ve started considering McDonalds as “Quality Food”
Not too fresh all the time
they don’t offer fresh options the fruit is repulsive
Mold in the salad bar and occasionally in sandwich toppings, flies in the prepackaged food (multiple times)
food is frequently moldy or obviously not fresh
It’s better than average, but only slightly. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just nothing to praise or criticize too much
It is as fresh as they can get it, but I’m sure more local food could be utilized which would increase this score.
I assigned a 5 because the food is really 50/50. I’m usually pleased with about half of the meals I eat.
This year I’ve noticed a marked improvement from last year. I’ve noticed more fresh fruit and steamed vegetables rather than microwaved. I’ve really enjoyed the commons and the coffee shop this year. Dugout has had some improvements too, especially with the Mediterranean. The sub station and cactus cafe are still lacking, though. Rice is often undercooked, beans and toppings are usually pretty bland.
Because the food often lacks the quality I look for, especially compared to other options near by.
Food is generally pretty tasty and not gross.
The food is of low quality, and is salty and not healthy
It’s not the worst but definitely not the best
It’s way to expensive for the food we get NOT ENOUGH OPTIONS and it should be open early and later you can’t get any food on campus at 12am
They have made improvements over the last year—fruit, better veggies, bananas are usually okay
Clearly everything is frozen. Half the time food is cold or extremely dry
Consider most of the food to be processed
It’s great food
The food is processed and has a low grade. Since moving off campus and eating for myself, i spend $40 a week on food and have lost 20lbs. I was never able to do that with sodexo.
Terrible quality. Saga should. It be allowed to call that food
I’m so disappointed w the fruit and veggie options
I have seen some rather questionable food but that has been a rarity.
It seems like they reuse a lot of the food
I feel like while it may appear that food is fresh, a lot of it is not and it is not always prepared properly in a way that tastes good
Sometimes food is REALLY good (usually when it is admitted students day) but sometimes it is very sketchy
Fruits and veggies sometimes are not so fresh
I’ve seen some real wilted veggies and not so fresh fruit. You can’t really tell freshness of anything else. Maybe some
hardish bread.
It’s better than public high school food but not worth what we pay for it
Because the food can be okay but a lot of the time it seems old or not great quality
The quality of good is low
The food is not the freshest and lots of times it’s cold when you get it
It is all fried foods or food really high in sugar, sodium, and carbs. It looks real sketchy a lot of the time too.
Fruit and veggies (lettuce and spinach for salads) are oftentimes sketchy looking. I think Sodexo does a fairly good job of keeping freshness a priority.
Sometimes poor quality, also at times unsure of what I am really eating
The lettuce is yellow very often, the food quality in saga is just bad pretty often, the only couple things bugs that are consistently decent are the pizzas and hot dogs. The healthier food options on campus are awful quality and even the snacks and drinks at the grab n go are sometimes stale or not refrigerated properly.
I don’t think they let food sit around
The food isnt amazing by any means but i havent had any major issues with it either and there are a few things that are really good
It could be worse but it could be better
Salads and fruits are not always fresh. Food seems old
sometimes the food looks old or left over but sometimes it is very fresh
Because it’s all frozen basically. Food is dry
The salad is usually wilted and they reuse the same food all week.
because the salad line has bugs in the lettuce
I feel like sometimes the lettuce in the salads I get is wilty.
The carrots are sometimes pretty good?
I’ve seen moldy bread and the “fresh” fruits and veggies are left out for days
Because we repeatedly see the same food for multiple days in a row
I found a piece of plastic in my sandwich once, like the plastic from a bag
No variety of fresh fruits or vegetables.
Taste can be debated but I’ve never gotten stale food
Food is either undercooked or overcooked.
Cause thats what I think it is.
Lettuce is usually bad at Tommy’s, fruit is soggy, tomatoes at Dugout are soggy
Food is of terrible quality.
All frozen food pretty much
Depending on the food sometimes it doesn’t seem super fresh. For example soups and meat are sometimes less than fresh.
As someone who frequently eats at the salad line, there are times where the produce is fresh but there are also times that its the end of the barrel for the produce as well as the soups.
The fruit and veggies supplied are rarely in good quality and the other foods served hold little nutritional value.
Certain foods are good, but others make me sick or are not fresh at all
Food in dugout is not very fresh or healthy; hard to find healthy and satisfying
Sometimes it feels like there is a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. And you can tell when some foods have been re used from the previous day.
All of the food is edible, but it has clearly been stored/frozen/heavily preserved.
Fruit are hardly ever fresh
The food just doesn’t taste as if it was made by real people, using real ingredients. I almost always see things come out of a bag, be it powder, shredded chlorine carrots; the eggs! They don’t even use real eggs for the omelettes!
Everything lacks flavor and tries to make up for it with grease, cheese, and carbs. Veggies are soggy. Pasta during
Italian at Passport isn’t properly drained, so my food is swimming in leftover pasta water.
I have no idea how to gauge how fresh my food is.
The isn’t very warm and the meat is suspicious
I know people who work at Sodexo who have said several food items are reheated or reused over the course of
several days
Food is very processed
A lot of the food tastes stale
Their fruit is covered in wax, GMO- filled, tastes fake and not organic so I’m not a fan
Most things are frozen
Often the lettuce is wilted or meats are not freshly cooked
Some days are better than others, could be better quality
I’ve had food overcooked, undercooked, soggy salad, stale salad, etc.
Because the food does not seem fresh in any sense of the word.
There’s variety, but a lot of it isn’t very good
Fairly fresh, food is often kept until the end of the day though rather than being fresh for the different eating periods
Often times the food doesn’t taste very good at all. The subs taste like some poor knockoff of subway (which Is bad anyway). The passport options are lazy and are hardly ever good. I have received cold food on many occasions. Overall, nothing is really good. They continue to serve bad fruit at the coffee shop/grab and go. There are no options that allow me to get a full/fulfilling meal from grab and go. The hours of everything are also terrible.
It’s not bad, by any means. But could always be better. A little hard to expect that of a cafeteria though.
It’s usually garbage, college kids just have low standards.
The food is usually pre-packaged or frozen, especially meat. The food often makes me feel ill, especially if it’s the first time I’ve eaten on campus in a while.

Question: With 1 being the least healthy and 10 being the most, how healthy is your diet when eating on-campus food?  Why did you assign the score that you did? (Responses do not include the ranking given).

I ear very little fruits and vegetables
Not always healthy options
It’s garbage.
At least there’s choices to a degree
I try to eat as healthy as I can but usually there’s not many options
It is all fried and/or frozen
Pretty hard to eat healthy
It’s always fried, buttery, and greasy
Some days I’ll treat myself but most days I try to be healthy ya know mix in a salad or 2
Still bad food
I usually eat healthy, but I feel like I don’t have the option here. Have you seen the state of the salad bar?
I eat salad a lot so I get some vegetables
If I can find something decent, which is nearly impossible, it usually doesn’t include fresh fruits or vegetables. Just
blandly boiled.
I have a weakness for desserts and carbs. 🙁
Being provided with a meat, vegatable, and starch is a lot better than what i eat when im not on campus.
Because at least if its bad for you, its guaranteed to taste somewhat satisfactory
Not that healthy of options.
there aren’t healthy options available unless you want a salad or wrap every day
I find the lettuce and other veggies sketchy from too many instances of bugs and mold and generally stay away
I control myself.
variety of veggies, proteins, frutis.
It is much easier to eat unhealthy food in our on campus dining
I definitely eat more salad and vegetables while I’m at school, but I also drink more soda and caffeine, and eat more
junk like chicken wings and fries, sweets, etc.
Other than the salad bar, there really aren’t many healthy options.
Healthy options but most are unhealthy
Tough to always eat healthy given the options
I eat salad every day almost every meal
I’ve gotten sick on more than one occasion
I can Create something of my own when at saga
Everything has so much added salt or butter. Even the veggies
Depends on what you get but not a lot of healthy options
It varies.
I tried to eat as healthy as I could, but the food and the meal plan did not allow for a healthy lifestyle
It is garbage quality fatty greasy poor tasting
The only “good” food here isn’t healthy and there’s only like 2 options for me to get healthy food- salad and salad
again. Disappointing
I typcially enjoy rotating my options or at least getting the healthiest combination if I consistently return to the same
dining option.
I always feel gross after eating food on campus
I try to choose healthy options like lean meats and fruits and vegetables but I dont know that is always available
I try to eat healthy but there could be better and more options
Healthy options are not as easy to come by. Also the freshness of some of the healthier options
I eat a lot of wheat bread and salad
There not enough whole grains, fruits, or healthy snacks that don’t cost $5 on munch money. To get a coffee I have
to buy a pastry and that’s the only breakfast option.
Because I basically subsist on motz sticks
I way a lot of unhealthy food.. not a lot of good healthy options
Needs to be more fruit options
It is really hard to find healthy food. Salads can only get you so far and only fill you up so much.
More veggie options are needed. There are too many meals served with carbs on carbs on carbs and not enough
Not a lot of healthy options besides salads
There are more times than not where I go to make a salad or get a wrap from the souper salad and have to go to
another option because the lettuce is straight up yellow. There are never many fruit options besides apples and
bananas. I don’t like bananas and am allergic to the skin of apples.
there is no place to get fresh fruit and veggies all the time.
Theres some healthy options but the way food is cooked at saga and tommys cant be very healthy by the way it all
looks and tastes
Neither health nor unhealthy
when i cant find anything I like at saga, i go for the pasta
The only healthy thing is the salad line. There are carbs everywhere
The healthy options are not good options. Anything that I would want to eat that supposed to be healthy is usually
covered in oil, which defeats the whole healthy thing.
you can eat so much fried food ( but thats a self control thing)
Despite campus not offering the best quality food, it’s still possible to choose wisely when considering options.
I eat trash.
I physically feel terrible after consuming their food
There are healthy options but not many
The food they serve is already worse then other options when i go eat,
No options.
I make an attempt to be but its hard without sticking to just salad
There aren’t many options that are as appetizing
Im kinda fat.
You have options for healthy foods, but even the healthy is salty, sugary, and high fat.
I only go for wing Wednesday.
Very few healthy options available
I’m healthy because I eat low carbs but I don’t eat a lot of vegetables since I only really like broccoli, cauliflower,
asparagus, and spinach which are only served occasionally. Also I like to get coffee but they only serve pastries there
so I can’t anything low carb with my coffee. Hard boiled eggs would be a nice coffee shop or grab and go addition.
With the limited vegetarian options, I eat nearly the same thing every day which can be very unhealthy. While I try to
switch up my produce, tofu and chickpeas as some of the only high protein is an issue.
There are little health foods available.
I eat a lot of salads and sandwiches, but I get wings and pasta every now and then
The better tasting options aren’t very healthy.
I do my best to eat healthy but sometimes I like ice cream.
I am good at making my individual meals healthy, but the desserts are tempting.
I try to be aware of what I eat
I naturally choose to eat garbage.
Not many fruit or vegetable options; the meat at saga is dry and often unappealing
All of the food at IWU seems to be processed in a way that is fatty or otherwise unhealthy; also, the food causes
stomach aches after long periods of going without it.
I feel like there are not fresh fruit and vegetable options available
Even “healthy” options aren’t necessarily healthy because of the waxy fruits and veggies and the salt content
The things I feel comfortable eating are often fried.
I only eat healthy when getting a soup and salad
The options of healthy food are slim to none, even when they say a food is healthy you can’t be sure because the
quality of product and meats used are poor
I try to eat healthy but the options are few and far between
It would be lower, but I do my best to work around the unhealthy stuff.
Need more healthy options at COMMONS
Not enough grilled chicken. Not enough fish. The vegetables and such never look terribly great.
I am able to avoid the unhealthy options and there is usually enough healthy options.
The only healthy option is salad, and you can only eat salad for so many meals.
I don’t have to prepare my own vegetables, which gives me more ready healthy options, but the variety of
vegetables is lacking, especially in the sandwich line.
Question: With 1 being the least sanitary and 10 being the most, how would you rate the sanitary practices of Sodexo employees?  Why did you assign the score that you did?  (Responses do not include the ranking given).
Nothing that stands out to me.
I have found some gross stuff in my food and some of it is undercooked.
Bc they usually wear gloves
Never really seen anything sketchy
Ppl cough on the food
I’ve seen some very gross things in the dugout, from sneezing in gloved hands to spoiled vinegar being ignored.
They were gloves
It’s alright.
I know exactly what sanitary practices are enforced and workers are very conscious not to contaminate things.
sometimes, my food has more hair than I do
Not that unsanitary.
it could be worse
I think they try and do a good job but as I said, there have been too many instances of really gross stuff in my food
to give a full 10
employees seem pretty good about keeping things clean, but the food itself is usually not in great condition
They try their best goddamnit!
I took a tour and know all of the sanitary practices they have to do on a daily basis.
I actually think these places are very clean
I’ve never seen an issue. But I’ve also never been INCREDIBLY impressed by any extra measures taken.
I’ve seen some gross stuff like employees not using gloves.
I’d say they keep stuff pretty clean
No issues
Besides Tommy’s they’re pretty good
Everyone working does a nice job
Typically very nice. Unless they are the student workers in dugout
Never gotten sick
I really don’t know
I haven’t seen or heard of any real problems.
They follow almost all of the health codes
I think sodexo employees are generally sanitary. they wash hands, wear proper clothing, etc.
Have not had an issue but can see health code violations (hair nets, spraying cleaning spray too close to food)
Utensils are usually clean
They wear gloves and look well groomed
It could be better but it isn’t horrible. I see that food mixes when they are serving at its gross
Because I hope they take proper sanitary practices but I have no idea.
Very sanitary as far as I can tell
Cleanliness is definitely a priority!
Tommies looks like an unsanitary kitchen. I saw the salad lady eat chicken out of the bowl while making my salad.
They do a good job at keeping things clean.
I honestly don’t know their hygiene habits but they look clean
I dont always think the areas around the food are the cleanest but the employees always do a good job of wearing
there gloves and switching them out when needed
Silverware and plates are not always clean; containers either
some dont wear gloves, the utensils and plates are not always clean,
They try but you can still tell it’s dirty
I don’t really see an issue except for when I’m at the sandwich line ordering a vegan sandwich and sometimes they
don’t switch their gloves after handling meat.
I feel like the claim to have good sanitary practices but I’m not actually sure they do.
I have no clue what the sanitary practices are like so I rated a neutral 5. I hope it’s more.
They don’t keep themselves clean
Been pretty clean and sanitary when working
I see people eating food then serving food which is against health code.
Having been a Sodexo student worker once, they are very sanitary and take it seriously
Though tables are mostly clean, flies at the dug out and Hatties have made me reconsider what I choose to eat.
I think they are pretty clean.
They wear gloves which is good. Sometimes the cups in the dining hall don’t seem fully clean.
I went neutral because I have not noticed anything to sway one way or the other.
Pretty clean from an outsiders perspective, but constant smell of cigarette smoke in the breezeway walking past the
door behind dugout
Sometimes find grime/spots on silverware and cups
I see all of the employees wash their hands, wear gloves, keep their hair back, and wipe down the tables, but I don’t
know what happens in the kitchen.
No idea really
I have found bugs in my food before.
The tables can’t always get clean quickly, but it could be worse.
Lady in the salad bar line at dugout often coughs in her gloves, workers will wipe their sweat and not change their
The employees themselves seem to take care not to cross-contaminate foods.
I have seen no problems
There was a dead moth in my salad once. I literally threw up because I was disgusted. Also there have been
As a Sodexo worker sanitation isn’t as enforced as it should be
Many workers at Tommy’s do not use hairnets and do not change their gloves regularly
I feel decent about the sanitary situation of sodexo
I don’t know much about food sanitation.
As far as I know, they do a pretty good job.
Fairly sanitary
I’ve seen multiple things that would probably get me fired at the place I worked at.
Not familiar enough with the processes to really know. I wonder about them not wearing hair nets though.
I’ve never seen any problems with sanitation, but sometimes the dishwasher doesn’t get everything off of the
I’ve seen a lot of cross-contamination of foods, especially in the dugout, but not much more than any normal food
Question: What is the best aspect of Illinois Wesleyan’s dining services?  

Wing Wednesday (2)

Saga Dave (2)
Variety (2)
Wing Wednesday
saga dave
Spending 10 dollars (1 meal) on 4 mozz sticks !
Wing Wednesday’s. Nothing else
Honestly nothing. except the salami special at sub connection is decent
I poop really well
The great atmosphere given off by the employees in saga.
the fact that we’re forced to purchase it obviously
Options in dugout
The hours aren’t too bad
Chocolate muffins
I mean it’s largely edible but that’s about it
Options in Saga
Easy to manage, easy to choose.
The staff is always very friendly
There are plenty of opportunities to voice our opinion about the food or any complaints.
Some tasty foodies
The ease of it, it’s all pretty centrally located
The workers are nice
Convenient. We have to pay for it so mind as well use it
Tommy’s cause it’s good quality
they meet my vegetarian needs alright
Saga Dave and the Coffee Shoppe having meal swipes
The options are always nice but the qaulity of said options vaires per day or per meal.
The number of options
convenience and swipes instead of food items having individual dollar values
The adult staff is very friendly
I get fed
The cheese cups in grab and go
Saga Dave.
We have more choices than most schools our size.
Ice cream machine
The abundance at saga. The sizes of portions anywhere else are far from sufficient for the prices. A 6 inch sub and a
bag of chips is SO not a meal for a student like myself that works out often and is still growing.
You can get a variety of food
Saga brunch
There are options but the options are bad.
there is some variety but there are also the constants which are nice to fall back on if nothing is good
You can get it to go
its always there
Saga Dave’s enthusiasm.
Staff is friendly
A place to go eat
If i want a day to eat unhealthy it is not hard to find unhealthy options.
I enjoy the specialty days like Wing Wednesday, Saga Thanksgiving, carnival day, etc.
service is okay.
Lots of food
Ice cream
I only eat there when there are no other options.
I like the eggs served in the dining hall. The omelette bar is great.
I cannot think of any
A good variety of options
Convenience on campus
Dave Nicholson
There are a lot of options.
Three locations
Easily accessible
Tommy’s meal selection
Aside from unpredictably long wait times at Tommy’s, you can generally count on prep time for food being
Good hours
Grab n go
Coffee shops
Saga breakfast
It’s convenient
I guess that we have food.
Options change
I don’t have to leave campus to eat.
Everything is nearby.
Speed of availability and central location
Question:  How do you believe Illinois Wesleyan could improve its dining services?  
More options
Better food pls
A wider variety of healthy options
A new dining service/ upgrade the food
More meat on the sandwiches. Get better quality food so I don’t poop myself after eating a meal. Serve hotdogs, oscar Meir. I would eat one of them everyday if they served those.
We could go with a different company
lower the cost or improve the quality, stop serving cold food, have more variety
Fire Sodexo. Hire someone who actually knows how to cook well and healthfully.
We need a new ice cream machine, it breaks down all the time.
Gordon Ramsey
Yes but a lot of work to be done.
talk and take suggestions from students, and please stop cutting corners when it comes to sustainability and quality
Buy your salad dressing in bulk and refill small containers, instead of throwing the individual bottles out each time.
Actually recycle. Find a more sustainable option for the waste produced by Dugout (all the single use, non recyclable
cups, silverware, was paper, bowls, etc). Go back to composting more than just food.
More variety, more effort into freshness, don’t try to do ethnic food if you’re not going to put in effort we all know
that’s just chicken nuggets on spaghetti, not general tsos with lo mein.
basically, check to make sure the is actually edible
More places open at one time.
Maybe more variety with freshness, seasonal eating. Less meat options offered for a meatless Monday campaign.
Rather than trying to do new things with more variety, concentrate on having consistent food quality.
More variety in dugout. I also think people would really enjoy a larger menu at the coffee shop as well. I also would
really enjoy different fruit options at coffee shop and dugout.
Changing it completely
more philly cheese steaks at saga
More transparent about food sources
Better quality food, we already pay a ton for a meal plan so it seems reasonable
More healthy food that’s also easily accessable when on the go
More options, longer hours, probably another place to get food, better quality of food products, less expensive or
give us the food that equals the amount we are paying in meal exchanges,
Stay open until 7:15 to help athletes and always have healthy vegetarian options. Macaroni and cheese and onion
rings is not a meal, so don’t offer that as the vegan/vegetarian option.
Be healthier. Don’t fry everything. Don’t cook all moisture out of foods
Healthier/more options, improved freshness
Getting it’s students to not waste so much food. Students like to talk how bad Sodexo or IWU might be yet fail to see
their faults as well
Make the meal plan more open. Only being able to have 2 meals a day is outrageous. It has been proven that 4+
smaller meals is more beneficial for ones health.
Higher quality food
Somehow ensure consistent freshness in the foods being served
Make it faster and have more variety, it’s the same every where you go
more fresh foods. I also think sometimes simpler foods are better than trying to be fancy.
Make the sub connections workers faster, they move so slowly and it should not take 20 minutes to get one six inch
Better quality food
Couldn’t tell you
more whole grain options that taste as good as the normal ones (the cilantro white rice vs the plain brown rice that
is often uncooked), more options for people with dietary restrictions, more flavor in the food. Better snacks, and
more food with swipe in dugout (normal meal but with a fruit and veggies and the drink). Better breakfast options.
More options for vegetarians that actually taste good (no more cold tofu at souper salad)
Trying to make the food healthier, so fresh salad and fruit and more options for people who don’t want food cooked
in grease.
More variety, more fruit, keeping food warmer
End Sodexo.
More healthy options
Higher quality food, make another dinning area where gulick is. More student job opportunities, and for the people
of Bloomington. Make it exciting
Just spend the money we’re spending for the school in the right places. It’s expensive as hell to be at the school
already. The least we can ask for is some kind of quality food. We don’t need politically charged comedians to come
here, we don’t need talking street signs, we don’t need a hundred elliptical machines. We need decent dietary
selections that do more than just fill our stomachs. We need decent and healthy food options that don’t taste like
we’re straight up eating leafs off a tree or grass out of the quad. This past week we had a fruit bar at saga which was
a HUGE step in the right direction. This should ALWAYS be a thing that’s available. Instead of having two salad bars,
make one of them a fruit bar consistently and replenish it often.
More places to get fresh fruit and vegetables that isn’t Saga.
Improved quality, healthier options, increased gluten free options at saga and tommys
More vegetarian options.
Buy healthier food, cook it well, improve options for vegetarians/vegans,
I know they are trying to be better. It is expensive for mediocre food
Pay for a higher level of quality of that Sodexo has. Or drop em all together
Vegan food should definitely be improved. I have had to move towards being vegetarian to be able to eat enough
and have foods that meet my nutritional needs, because I cannot get that from sodexo and also be vegan.
better variety and more wings than just Wednesday
More funding to implement better food and food that caters to those with dietary restrictions.
By not serving nasty dishes– add some more healthy, fresh options!
Quality of food
More variety in healthy options
More healthier options like berries and cooked vegetables.
I’m not totally sure, I feel students like to complain more than necessary. It’s college dining, you can’t have home
cooked food standards.
A better and more diverse food options.
Fresher foods, focus on health
Get a new food service company.
The hours are absolutely ridiculous, saga closing at 7 doesn’t allow some student athletes to get dinner after
practice. More fruit options, one tub in the salad bar doesn’t cut it. Dropping sodexo entirely would help IWU
improve its dining services. Not to mention that the value of swipes is also trash, a swipe is roughly 10 dollars
meaning that a 12″ sub with chips and a drink is 22 dollars when the same thing could be bought at subway for less
than half that price.
Eggs in more places.
More vegetarian and vegan options, vegan cheeses, soy meat alternatives, better hours at all locations but especially
Use a different supplier or at least get fresher options and have a wider variety of vegetable and fruit options.
More sustainable practices, fresher fruits and vegetables, better recipes in saga all around
Change catering companies, focus on sustainability and locally sourced food
Reduce options but make them healthier/higher quality
Improve the quality of the food.
More healthy options
More sustainable practices, fresher and more local foods
They need to for the amount we’re paying for it.
Offer more options in the commons that are available every day.
100% please improve the dining
Any attempt to supply food locally, or at least stop using frozen or heavily processed foods would go a long way to
improving how I feel about meals
Get a new dining plan
Offer more fresh foods
Revamping everything. Adding more vegetarian and vegan options. Also heard the meat makes people sick, is fatty,
and questionable. More Mexican and Italian options.
More healthy choices with greater variety; more variety in entrees at saga
Fresh ingredients, healthy options, options for people with dietary restrictions, maybe make it taste less like
So many things: more vegitarian options, less spicy food, stay open LATER (looking at you Saga).
Keep interchanging food options and being accommodating
Better options for athletes. More effort from employees/those responsible for creating ideas for meals. BETTER
HOURS (when I have a late practice and then have to get 5 swipes at dugout just to be adequately fed due to saga
being closed, that pisses me off). All around, just more effort and no more Mediterranean at passport, it’s never
So many filler foods. Lots of potatoes, corn, and rice. More actual vegetables would be good.
The price of meal plans is exorbitant. Students should be able to buy the reusable takeout containers that
faculty/staff have and be able to swipe to fill it from saga. They should stop closing sections of the Commons for no
apparent reason.
Choose a higher tier of Sodexo meal options to give us better quality food and options. We should also have more
flexibility in choice of meal plans; give us the option to opt out of a standard meal plan while living on campus,
especially if we remain on the lower tier of Sodexo meal options.

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