Ten things to have in case of an emergency spring storm

By Farah Bassyouni Apr 7, 2023

Welcome to spring in Central Illinois, friends. This time of the year calls for the most unpredictable weather. It could be 75 degrees in the afternoon and tornado warnings that night. For those of you who have not weathered storm season, here is a list of things to keep in an extra backpack or duffel bag.


  1. Flashlight 

A quality flashlight is a necessity. Do not rely on your phone flashlight. If the power goes out and you need the flash light, you will also want to conserve your phone battery. 

  1. Spare batteries  

Imagine you lose power, and turn on your flashlight. Seconds later, your flashlight begins to flicker and eventually turns off. Batteries are small and easy to store, so this is really easy to avoid. 

  • Bottled water 

If you are having to take cover, it could be a while before you can leave and go about your space leisurely. Staying hydrated is always an important thing to do. 

  • Fully charged battery pack 

No one wants to be without their phone, especially not when you are stuck in a basement with nothing to do. Bringing a portable charger will help you stay entertained and connected to friends or family. 

  • Non-perishable food that doesn’t need to be heated 

Some great examples are items like granola bars, crackers or fruit snacks. Protein bars and items that are nutrient dense will help you stay full longer. 

  • A weather radio 

These radios are pretty small, so they are definitely worth keeping in a prep kit. They are automatically tuned to your local NOAA weather station and will have the most up to date information.

  • Spare outfit 

This outfit needs to include everything, even your underwear & socks. In case of all of your belongings being damaged or blown away, you’ll have something to change into.

  • Closed toe shoes 

In case you take cover while barefoot or wearing slides, a backup pair of shoes that you can walk through debris in is a safe thing to bring. 

  • Photocopy of your ID 

In case you forget to grab your purse or wallet, having some form of ID is good to have on hand.

  • Emergency cash 

You never know what could happen. It is a safe bet to bring at least 20 dollars. 


We are just entering this season of uncertain weather. Preparing an emergency kit for your dorm or home is a smart way to stay ahead of the problem. You cannot change or predict the weather but you can help yourself get through it.

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