The good and the basic of 2021 Halloween costumes

By James Stein Oct 29, 2021

With Halloween being this weekend, people are scrambling to find last minute costumes. Some end up being the most creative, thoughtful or hilarious costumes, while others are unoriginal. If you’re someone who procrastinates like me, take my advice and avoid these easy options. 


  1. “Dead” profession 

We’ve all seen it – dead nurse, dead cop, dead doctor, dead veterinarian… when does it end? All it takes is some type of uniform with cheap, fake blood splattered on it. When the bulk of your costume consists of being ‘dead’ that is not really a costume it is just a last resort. 


  1. Harley Quinn

Recent movies starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn have undoubtedly stirred a rather confusing craze amongst individuals everywhere. The classic pigtails, red/white/blue clothing, and super short shorts are a staple of this costume. Back in August, Robbie was in Suicide Squad 2 so this costume is here to stay.


  1. Angel/Devil 

Honestly, this one is just tacky. This costume is very surface level and most people don’t even properly execute it. Wearing just a halo or devil horns does not mean it is a good costume. This costume is very simple with just two people, one wearing red and one wearing white. The costume is overdone.

  1. Cat

By far the easiest, most simple costume. People will throw on an all black outfit, cat ears, and draw on some whiskers using eyeliner and call it a day. Every year since kindergarten I can guarantee that I have seen someone wearing this costume, whether it was my teacher, friend or mom. This costume is everywhere and I feel like it never will go anywhere.


Now moving onto costumes that are original and rarely done. One of the best ways to find a unique costume in my opinion is to explore a niche experience. Remember that old character from your childhood favorite tv show, why not appeal to a very specific group of people? Using pop culture or movie and tv characters is a very exciting option because of how many options there are. 


  1. Different eras of a celebrities

Celebrities like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus have gone through many different eras within their careers. It is easy to get a group together and be the different albums of Taylor Swift’s career. Each stage of Britney Spears is extremely unique and very well known so it would make a great costume.


  1. Main character of your favorite obscure tv show

Think of the most obscure childhood show you have watched? One of my favorites is “House of Anubis” and that is a classic, simple costume that would be very niche. This could be a group or an individual costume, but would still be fun to do and explain to people. 


  1. Teletubbies

This kids television show could turn into a great costume for Halloween no matter what age. Teletubbies could cross as a group or individual costume. The costume is also incredibly simple and rarely ever seen. I have never seen someone dress up like this and the costume is so easy to personalize.


There is one day of the whole year to dress in a costume, why not go all out? There are so many unique costumes. While dressing up can be expensive there are many on budget ways to do it. Within the past two years I have tried to go to thrift stores to find costumes. In my opinion, being something fun and original is better than a basic costume everyone has already done. 

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