The story behind indie artist Little RedFox

By James Stein Sep17,2021
Photo courtesy of littleredfox on Instagram
Photo courtesy of littleredfox on Instagram

The process of discovering new artists has entirely changed with the world of social media. I am always looking for new artists to support, so when an Instagram ad for Little Redfox (LRF) popped up I immediately was enticed. LRF is an indie/folk singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Recently I connected with her over Instagram and asked her a few questions about her professional career as a musician. 

LRF has “been making music for as long as [she] can remember.”

Her parents taught her violin when she was really young, but she would often turn the violin on its side and strum it like a guitar. Soon enough, she began writing songs in elementary school while she also learned how to play piano and a real guitar. 

“I remember I used to record the songs using this rickety external microphone on my desktop,” she said. “It was the early 2000s, need I say more?” 

In high school, LRF says that she “tried to learn every instrument [she] could get her hands on.” Music became a huge part of her life very early on. She received a music award at her high school graduation and went off to university to focus on audio production and the music business.

LRF finds that her inspiration for songs comes from all aspects of her life. “It all depends on my mood or what I’m experiencing at the time,” she says. “I tend to think a lot about nostalgia, nature, mental health, friendships and relationships so I often lean into that in my songwriting.”

LRF and her songs aim to genuinely impact the listener through both the lyrics and the music itself. LRF’s father passed away when she was young, and she notes that he often inspires her with her music.

“When I’m writing, I often think of him and a part of why I pursue music is to make him proud,” she says. “I know if he was here he’d be supporting me in my career and jamming along with me.” LRF’s father is also credited with her stage name – Little Redfox was a nickname her father made up for her, and she says that “choosing this name for [her] artist project felt fitting”. 

Right now, LRF is working on an upcoming album and a few new singles. “I’ve also been busy writing and producing projects for some incredible artists,” she adds. “I’m super excited to share more updates as things progress.” LRF has released two singles on music platforms so far, “Human” and “Rewind”. “Human” was listed as a finalist in the Unsigned Only Music competition this year, and was also included as a “fandemonium”, or fan-favorite, choice. LRF is popular for her covers of songs she “can really put [her] own spin on.” Recently, LRF posted an acoustic rendition of “Fergalicious”. 

LRF continues to inspire young musicians and those that she works with. “I think if you have a dream, then you owe it to yourself to try and make it happen,” she says. “It will take work – but if you don’t give yourself the chance to pursue what you love then you’ll never know what could’ve been.” 

 Through her music, she only has one message to share with her fans and fellow musicians: “Put yourself out there, share your music, always be kind to others and never stop learning.”

You can stream LRF’s music on Youtube and Spotify, where she has posted her singles “Human” and “Rewind”. You can also follow her on Instagram @littleredfoxmusic where she frequently posts her covers, like the aforementioned – and totally rockin’ – “Fergalicious” and updates on her time in the studio.

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