This week in history: cyanide and happiness

By admin Oct 5, 2015

Giovanni Solano, Opinions Editor


This week our most historic event was the super moon on Sunday, Sept. 27, but through the past’s figurative eyes, we can see many weird and interesting events that happened this week in history.


Sept. 27


1954- The Tonight Show debuted nationwide and 61 years later is still going on with Stephen Colbert as its current host.



1998- Google, our current technological overlord, claimed this day as its birthday. No real reason is ever given as to why.



Sept. 28


1924- In something out of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, the first flight around the world was completed by an airplane called Chicago. Chicago was one of four planes competing in a race for this historic moment.



Sept. 30


1982- Cyanide-laced Tylenol killed six people in the Chicago area in what would later be called The Chicago Tylenol murders. This led to the pharmaceutical industry developing the tamper-evident safety seals we know today.



Oct. 1


1957- The words “In God We Trust” first appeared on U.S. paper currency as a Cold War tactic in order to separate themselves from the atheistic Soviet Union. As for those words appearing on coins? That was in 1864 to show that God was on the side of the Union.


1971- Walt Disney World (the one in Florida for those of you who are Disney -challenged) opened. This new theme park marked a milestone in Disney’s eventual global conquest.



Oct. 2


1950- The first Peanuts comic was published, paving the way for many a holiday special. On Feb. 13, 2000, the last new Peanuts comic strip was published. Sidenote: The Peanuts Movie comes out Nov. 6.




1968- A peaceful student protest in Mexico City led to a massacre ordered by President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. The amount dead was estimated from 30-300. No one is exactly sure because the Mexican government tried covering it up before the 1968 Summer Olympics started.


Oct. 3


1849- Edgar Allan Poe, author and poet, was found delirious in a gutter in Baltimore. This was the last time he was seen in public before he died on Oct. 7. The cause of his death is still unknown to this day.


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