Thrifting to keep Halloween sustainable

By Farah Bassyouni Oct21,2022

Is there such a thing as a sustainable Halloween? Do you even care if your Halloween is a green one? I’m guessing some of you have never considered how wasteful Halloween is.

Overall Halloween can actually turn into a lot of build up and stress for what is only one calendar day that gets turned into three nights of costumes. Being a college student, and having to pay for my costumes, I’ve often been sucked into the glamorous and cheap items that Amazon and Shein can offer a costume.. 

This year I pledged to actually make an effort to have a costume that is fun and contains reusable pieces, such as a shirt I can re-wear, or a dress that I can wear to a formal event later on in the semester. 

So far I have all of the pieces for my first costume and only spent $15 at the Carle Bromenn Resale Boutique which is within walking distance from campus. For my second costume I do not yet have all the pieces but I’m looking to purchase a dress that is multifunctional. 

Thrifting the pieces I already have has probably saved me $50 and I plan on going thrifting again this weekend to see if I can find the missing pieces needed for my other costumes. 

Reusing second hand items helps decrease your carbon footprint and help you save money. The great thing about thrift stores is that they often have the random items that you might need to dress up as a pirate or a fun hat for dressing up as Adam Sandler. 

The one thing that thrifting forces you to do is be creative, which is the best thing about Halloween. Being creative and shopping around means finding things other people won’t have, while having fun looking at all the other goofy stuff that the thrift store is selling.

 So when debating on Halloween, because I know most people have probably already bought most of their costumes from Amazon, think of anything else you are buying that can be used after Halloween.

 For those purchases you have already made, consider donating your items that you aren’t going to use again instead of throwing them away. That allows for there to be better stuff at the thrift store for the next Halloween or themed event to come. 

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