Tips for Halloween costumes from a cosplayer

By Farah Bassyouni Oct 21, 2022

Cosplaying is dressing up as a character, often one from Anime or Video Games, and bringing them to life. As a cosplayer I see Halloween as just another day I can dress up, except I won’t be the only one in a costume. As someone who has shocked people with my makeup and outfits, here are some tips to elevate your costume. 


    1. Be bold

Don’t be afraid to make that eyeliner big, long or however you want. Graphic liner can also be a way to really bring out the costume. For my lovely people who want to dress as Angels and feel like they can’t use liner – white exists! 

White liner is one of my favorite eyeliners to elevate my makeup looks. Don’t be afraid to use it in place of black. Same goes for color liners. To my Joker lovers, making marks to resemble a smile on the sides of your lips can really give you that joker smile you are looking for. 


    2. Messed up your makeup? Don’t rub 

Eye liner, mascara and most other makeup products can get messy, but never rub them off your skin. That will cause them to smudge, and make them harder to clean. My savior is micellar water. Using just a bit on a Q-tip, cotton pad or whatever you have to clean your face can wipe away mistakes. 

    3. Going for a smudge look? Then try this

For any smudge look, I recommend not applying with a brush at all. Before you get confused, hear me out. Put your finger in the color eyeshadow you wish to smudge and go at it. While brushes can be used to make your shadow look blended, using your fingers gives that smudged effect way better.

    4. Going for a fuller lip? Follow your mouth line, not your lip line. 

Right above the pigmentation of your lip is your “mouth line.” Line your lips there. It overlines to give a fuller look without making it look fake. If you’re afraid you will make your cupid’s bow look weird, fill in that space where the arch of your top lip forms. Always start at the middle of your lips and never the ends, it helps ensure you will line your lip to look natural.

    5. Don’t be afraid to reverse it. 

Don’t be afraid to reverse your lip colors. Red lips with a black outline is common, but if you want to try something new, line them with red and fill them with black. You are gonna want to be careful though, this can get pretty tricky. Line and fill a good bit of your lips with red lipstick or liner, then add black and blend where you left blank space. Something about reversing common color schemes makes a costume more fun.

    6. Don’t have contacts but want to show off different eye colors? Use that color shadow.

Colored eye contacts can be used in costumes and cosplays, but what if you can’t afford them? Make it your eyeshadow theme. Red eyes? Red shadow. Blue? Green? Pink? Doing heterochromic eyes can be possible by just making your eyeshadow the color of the eyes you want to have, and I think it makes them bold. 

    7. Shoes

Shoes are a part of cosplaying I sometimes struggle in. One thing I’ve learned from my experience is to be comfortable. Ditch the heels and ditch the dressy shoes, simple tennis shoes can save you from blisters. Blisters are fun for no one. If you really want to wear heels, I recommend taping your middle three toes together and putting Band-Aids over the skin that brushes against the heels. 

    8. Accessories. 

What to wear a ring that is a few sizes too big? Put it on a necklace. It beats possibly losing it or having to leave it at home. For wannabe elves, use Band-Aids to make triangles on your ears. You can even put your foundation over them to blend with your skin tone. Wearing a crown? Bobby pins will be your savior to keep it in place while you dance, walk or do whatever might make that crown slip and slide.

    9. Bags

If you’re like me, you need something to carry your makeup, water and other necessary belongings while you’re out. Don’t be afraid to take a bag that doesn’t fully match your outfit. Honestly, who cares? For a lot of us who wear women’s clothing, not every article has pockets to carry stuff. Bags are necessary, and it doesn’t matter what kind you use.

    10. Be Confident

At the end of the day, whether you cosplay or dress up for Halloween, you should have fun and be confident with what you put on. Dress to impress, most importantly for that mirror you’ll be looking into. It doesn’t matter if you use expensive or elaborate pieces, or items from your local Dollar Tree. If you love it, show it off. Confidence is the most important, and least expensive part. 

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