Titans defensive line triumphs over North Park

By Lark Commanday Jan 17, 2020


The women’s basketball team took down North Park securing their second win of the new year.

The Titan’s move into first place in the CCIW accomplishing a 4- 1 league record and delivering North Park their first conference loss of the season.

Junior Kendall Sosa led the Titans in scoring with a total of 26 points on 11- 17 shooting from the court.

While Junior Riley Brovelli put 17 points on the board and earned a game-high eight rebounds with an additional five steals and three assists.

The Titan’s first bucket of was earned by Sosa off of an outside pass from Brovelli for a three- pointer.

The Titan’s started out with an explo-sive offense and led North Park by 10 points going into the second half.

Ending the first half with an 8-0 run and kicking off the second half with a 7-0 run, the Titan’s scored 15 points un-contested against North Park.

Taking the lead 38 – 21 with a little over eight minutes left in the third quar-ter the Titans maintained their powerful offesnse.

Lead by Sosa the Titans scored a stag-gering 27 points in the third quarter re-sulting in a trailing North Park at the end of the third period 58-44.

Titan defense held strong, closing ranks in the second half.

The Titans scored 20 points to North Parks 13 off of turnovers which helped them build an early lead.

Edging out North Park’s points the Ti-tans finished with 17 steals and 3 blocks compared to North Parks 10 steals and two blocks.

The Titans continued to put the pressure on North Park in the final quarter only allowing 7 points throughout fourth, while the Titans pulled away with 24 points in the final quarter.

Kelly Carlson scored the final points off a long outside pass from Megan Moody to cement their victory at the Shirk Center, 82-51.

A post game interview with the Titan’s head coach Mia Smith she discussed the slow game going into the second half and what they adjusted to get going in the third quarter.

“We went to faceguard and started the third quarter which is what I wanted to do all along but they weren’t quite com-fortable in practice but I just forced them into it and thought they responded very well,” Smith said.

The strategy forced onto the Titan’s they responded fantastically and began to pull away by a massive margin in the second half.

With this victory, the Titans push themselves into the upper part of the standings at 10- 4 with a two-game win streak .

Looking to continue that momentum Illinois Wesleyan will be traveling to Waukesha, Wisconsin to compete versus Carrol University in hopes of securing another victory and moving one step closer to hosting the CCIW tournament on home turf.

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