Top 5: Signs of a youthful heart and old soul

By admin Dec 23, 2014

Michelle Wong


I was talking to a friend recently, and in passing he said one of the most intriguing things –something along the lines of: “Some old people are actually quite young, and some young people are actually quite old. It’s all about how you spend your time, and carry yourself.” That got me thinking. On a campus full of youth, energy and dreams, what could possibly categorize a college student as an old soul? After some consideration, here were a few of my findings.


  1. You go to Saga Breakfast.

If you’re somehow able to miraculously pluck yourself out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn to attend Saga breakfast on the regular, you have an old soul. Saga breakfast is pretty much the equivalent of a senior citizen’s early bird special. Of course, Sunday brunch or a mid-morning dugout snack do not count.


  1. You find yourself relating your stories to younger friends, starting with “Back in my day…”

Back in my day, we didn’t even have a State Farm Hall! Instead, we had a fenced off hole in the ground, and we liked it! Back in my day, there was a woman named Saga Rose who sounded like a chorus of angels, waking me from my zombified state of sleep deprivation with her omelets.

Serve it anyway you want, but throwing a “back in my day” into a conversation is a telltale sign of an old soul. But hey, you can learn to embrace the present as well (slowly).


  1. You just can’t keep up with the first-years these days.

Every year, there are more students, and more names to remember– and you’re not too good at remembering. In your mind, you’ve secretly started to refer to all of them as “Bob.” Instead of keeping up with the new, it’s easier for you to place value in things that are more unchanging, like the natural beauty found in a forest or the laughter of a long-time friend.


  1. When it material items according to their quality, and refer to at least one of them as “old faithful.”

Maybe it’s a worn sleeping t-shirt you’ve had since middle school, or your favorite Dollar-Tree mug with the chip on the rim. If it ain’t totally broken, why fix it? Why waste money on a new iPhone 6, when your old flip phone works like a charm? Bonus points for not having to learn the new technology.


  1. You love Yarn Time and are a great listener.

Nothing exemplifies the wisdom that comes with advanced age, much like patience. Things like knitting, crochet, needle point and actually listening to your 9:00 a.m. morning lecture, are all activities that take a LOT of practice and patience. Maybe it took some time, but now as someone who enjoys these activities, you’ve found it to be a rewarding approach to life itself. Shout out to Yarn Time!


Don’t worry if you have an old soul. Though it may not sound glamorous initially, as a youthful someone with an old soul, you may find you’re able to relate to more people in all different walks of life. And like a fine wine, you’re surely to grow in these qualities even more so with time. Just make sure to share some of that sage with the rest of campus.

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