Videos and images that live rent-free in my head

By Samira Kassem Nov6,2020

In a time of such uncertainty, I often dissociate with the help of the internet. When I cannot find motivation to do my homework it is these images that run through my mind. As requested by absolutely no one, here is my list of 10 videos and images that live in my mind rent-free. 

  1. This screenshot of an email from one of my professors. For the sake of their privacy I will not name them, but I think they have very accurately summed up how all of us have been feeling this semester.
  1. This picture of my dog Banjo. I just wonder what he is thinking. Wouldn’t it be so nice to be a dog right now? All he knows is eat, poop and nap complete bliss from the hell that we’re all living in. 
  1. This Vine. We all miss Vine dearly and this is one of the best out there. My sister and I once quoted this so much that we got a solid yelling at from our mom for “being obnoxious.”  
  1. This one feels pretty self-explanatory, these are the high elders of the internet and they have judged your crimes. 

  1. Okay I am really not a fan of Nancy Pelosi either but my very religious Catholic and very politically uninformed grandmother shared this. It reminds me why I never want to be a politician. Like wow, imagine 70 year old grandmas roasting you on Facebook with a photo this bad. I would cry daily.   
  1. Now THIS is a feminist icon. Samirah Raheem gained her internet fame from this interview at ‘Slutwalk’ 2017. Not only is she iconic but she shares a name with me. When I think “queen” I see her face. 
  1. America’s favorite socialist grandpa in this video. Before you freak out, it is obviously not what he actually said, but you must admit cutting the video like this makes it hilarious. 
  1. This, on the other hand, is real. Barack Obama’s live reading of Dreams of My Father at the Cambridge Public Library provides some funny moments, that’s for sure. 
  1. This Snapchat from my May term class’s trip to the Field Museum in Chicago. Think about all the research and technology that went into creating the software to take and edit photos and this is what we choose to do with it. Sorry smart computer inventor dudes but this is hilarious. 
  1. This sign in downtown Chicago. Just makes me imagine mice, dice and rice falling from the rooftops onto pedestrians below. Where did they come from? What do they want? Who sent them? Ice, on the other hand, has fallen from the rooftops onto pedestrians and that is not a joke, stay safe this winter, folks. 

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