How to enhance your winter wardrobe and stay on trend

By Farah Bassyouni Dec 2, 2022

Credit: Argus Staff

Winter is accompanied by an undeniable sense of dread when you have to get dressed and leave the house. The sun’s disappearance and the need for multiple layers takes the fun out of putting together a good outfit. 

Even though winter is cold and dreary, you don’t have to compromise personal style and fashion. These are a few clothing items and trends for this winter. 


Oversized fringed scarf

Over the past few weeks, my Pinterest board has been flooded with chunky scarves. These scarves vary in color and size, but they are all sure to keep you warm this winter. While scarves are typically practical pieces, you do not have to settle. 

Von Maur has a vast selection of these trendy scarves. From neutrals to bright colors, you are sure to find something that matches your vibe and winter coat. 

Leather everything

From jackets to pants, leather is the staple this winter. Leather is a neutral material no matter what color fits your fancy. Black leather is most common and easiest to style, but colorful leather can spice up a boring outfit. 

While leather is on trend alert this year, it is also a capsule wardrobe piece. The durability of leather clothing items ensure they will last you more than one season. Another advantage to leather is its accessibility. You can find great pieces like high end pants from Abercrombie and affordable jackets from GoodWill. 


Now that the warmer seasons are over, it is time to pull out all of your neutral colored clothing. This year’s winter colors are various shades and tones of brown. Tan trench coats or chocolate brown chunky boots are must-have items. With a closet full of neutral colors, putting together a stylish outfit should only take a few minutes. 

Oversized outerwear

Illinois winters are unbearable, but that does not mean your outerwear has to be the same old, tired winter coat. The silhouette most in style for outerwear is oversized. This can vary from long trench coats to cropped puffer jackets. An oversized jacket is guaranteed to keep you stylish and warm. 


Remember in 2012 when everyone was wearing Ugg boots up to their knees? They are back in style in a better way. The only way to wear Uggs now is if they are ‘mini’ or ‘slipper’ style. The most popular color is the classic brown chestnut. These warm winter shoes are trendy. If you picked up a pair in 2014, you ended up on top this year. 

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