5 Healthy Habits to Start in 2022

By Farah Bassyouni Jan 21, 2022
Drawing By Liam Killian
Drawing By Liam Killian

Obviously New Year’s resolutions do not have the most positive reputation, but that does not discourage me from making them every year. Over the past few years I have been pretty tired of seeing piles of unfulfilled resolutions so I created a new system. Instead of making strict resolutions I have tried to adapt healthy habits that are easier to incorporate in my day-to-day life.

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Yes, this sounds like a very generic, bad resolution but I am trying to look at these like new hobbies. Over the past few months, I have been on “BookTok” which is where different people on the app TikTok share their favorite books. 

Since the new year I am personally happy to say that I have finished a book already. The book I just finished was “The People You Meet on Vacation” which I personally enjoyed and recommend if you are a fan of romantic comedy movies. The most important thing for me with reading is finding books on topics I am actually interested in. Luckily for me Colleen Hoover’s fiction, romance novels exist. 

  • Be active for 30 minutes a day

 Most people make resolutions to workout more or go to the gym everyday but that is very unrealistic. Since 2022 began, I have been either going on walks, runs or doing different workouts everyday. On days I have not been wanting to do anything I grab some friends, bundle up and walk all around campus. 

Since campus is so centrally located there are multiple parks located in the area, some even in walking distance. My favorite park that is close to campus is Franklin Park. Some workout videos I love to do are from youtubers; Daisy Keech and Alexis Ren. They mostly focus on easy at home workouts. 

  • Manifestation

This habit is not everyone’s cup of tea but manifesting is a way to get your dream life right in front of you. Manifesting can be described as a self help way to bring your personal goals to the surface. 

Because of the raging Omicron variant, I canceled my original New Years Eve plans and stayed in with my parents. While this was not ideal I took the time to have a casual night, make a charcuterie board and manifest what I want to happen in 2022. 

Starting out manifesting can seem daunting, just grab a piece of paper and ask the universe to make your goals appear in your present life. One important part of manifesting is to believe that this will happen and indulge in your feelings of excitement. 

  • Spend less time on TikTok

Within the past few years the app TikTok has absolutely blown up. The app originally started off as a slightly embarrassing platform to use seriously. According to Backlinko, there are 1 billion users now on the platform. 

I am an avid TikTok user and I spend hours on the app everyday. According to Wallaroo media, younger users from ages 10-15 spend over an hour on the app a day. Most people want to use social media less and TikTok is most likely the main reason.

  • Prioritize mental health the same as physical health

The stigma behind talking about mental health has been greatly diminished recently. With the new year being a fresh start it is time to treat your mental health the same way you would your physical health. Would you go on a run with a sprained ankle? Obviously not. Why would you overload your schedule if your mental health is not in the best place. 

Treating mental health with such a high multitude may seem selfish but that is the problem itself. When mental health is valued the same as physical health it will really improve your day to day life. Sick days and mental health days are equally valid.

New year, new you is a nice concept but it is not entirely realistic. Failing on my new year’s resolutions always makes me feel terrible. It changes my whole perception of the year. Starting to bring positive habits into your life is rewarding, as well as practical. Happy New Year and even if you do not start new habits or resolutions, there is always next year.

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