An extensive look into Moonology and oracle cards

By James Stein Oct 22, 2021
Image by Isabel Sperry
Image by Isabel Sperry

Manifesting is a way to promote creating your dream life based on affirmations or journaling what you want. Gen Z has popularized through social media how easy it can be to have your dream life using just your thoughts and beliefs. Moonology is a way to work with the powers of the moon to manifest. So think about how you want to change your life, whether it is about getting a good grade or a goal to move across the country. Manifestation can help.

Yasmin Boland is an astrologer, moonologer and a best-selling author. Boland wrote a book explaining how to manifest your dream life with moonology. Boland also promotes the use of Moonology Oracle cards. The cards are an expansion on her book and allow the viewer to dive deeper into the moon’s magic.

When you buy oracle cards there is a booklet inside that explains the meaning of each card. With the included booklet you learn how to use them and no prior knowledge of Moonology cards.  All of the cards show how the energy in the current moon position relates to a different area in your life. 

The phases of the moon are important to the manifestation process with moonology. Understanding the phases and the cards correlation can help expand your manifestation powers, because all of the cards in the deck mean something different.  

With the New Moon card it marks the start of the waxing cycle and the midpoint of the Dark Moon. It’s a dark and veiled time, when the Moon is invisible and a time of rebirth. It’s a time that witches do their work, making wishes and laying down intentions for the new cycle; an intensely magical time, when it’s easier to pierce the veil to other worlds. 

The Waxing Crescent Moon is the second Moon phase but even if it’s not the time of the waxing Crescent Moon when you pull this card, it still suggests you need to really pursue your dreams. It’s time to put your foot down hard to chase your goals. 

In the lunar cycle, the First Quarter Moon comes between the New Moon and the Full Moon. It’s a time when the Sun and Moon are at a hard astrological angle to each other and this can prompt a small crisis. No matter when you pull this card. You need to see any drama as a stepping stone to where you want to be. 

The Gibbous Moon comes at the very end of the lunar cycle, just before the full moon, so the moon is nearly fully rounded. It’s the culmination of the Waxing cycle and, as such, tends to be a rather intense period of the month. 

A Full Moon card marks the climax of the lunar cycle, making this card something of a power card. The Full Moon is when answers are given to questions asked during the New Moon, and pulling this card at any time in the lunar cycle suggests answers will be coming your way. 

Disseminating Moon is the first Moon phase after the explosion of energy that comes with the Full Moon. No matter when you pick this card, it suggests you’re at a tranquil point in situations you’re asking about. This is not the ideal time to start something new. 

At the time of the Third Quarter Moon, we know where we have been – but where are we going? The Moon is now a Half Moon and slipping away from us as it catches less and less light, moving towards her full disappearance at New Moon. When you draw this card, the teaching is to release and to trust. 

Patience is required at the time of the Balsamic Moon. It’s a time for self-care as you prepare yourself for the New Moon, which is just around the corner. No matter which point in the current Moon cycle you have pulled this card, it’s a reminder to go a little but easy on yourself. Give yourself the time you need.  

New Moon Eclipse are among the most exciting astrological events. It’s as though you’re heading in one direction, probably being guided by your ego and then here comes the Divine – Goddess, or Spirit – to turn you instead to face the directions you need to go. 

Full Moon is almost always about climaxes and very often about conclusions; Full Moon Eclipses are the same, but on steroids. A Full Moon Eclipse can be hard to handle because it promotes change, something that makes many of us uncomfortable. But change is a part of life and this card reminds you of that fact. 

The Waxing cycle is the period that focuses on empowerment and this is a very promising card. The card proves that now is the time to make a plan and actually act on it. 

At the time of the Waning Cycle, take a moment to look up in the skies every night – you will see the Moon grow smaller and smaller as she moves from Full to New again. It is certainly not the time to cling on to anyone or anything.

According to Boland, questions that you have had about love, family, work, life goals and money can be answered with Moonology. An added benefit in the oracle cards would be the advice that comes along with each card. Achieving your dream life is possible and utilizing the moon may increase the success of your manifestations. 

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