College Dems endorse Biss and Jones

By: Adeline Schultz, Staff Writer

The IWU College Democrats were proud to endorse Daniel Biss for Governor and Erik Jones for Congress in their respective Democratic primaries this week, both with 89 percent of the vote.
Many of our members have worked hard for these candidates over the past several months, knocking on doors, collecting signatures and attending events for them. We’ve gotten to know them well and have concluded not only that they are the most qualified candidates in their respective races, but that they are the only qualified candidates.
It is more important now than ever, when we have arguably the most unqualified, unprofessional presidential administration in American history, that we as a party nominate and elect candidates who have demonstrated the willingness, determination and resolve to act on behalf of their constituents’ interests.
Biss and Jones are those candidates and have been throughout their impressive careers in public service.
Biss has been a strong progressive voice in the state House of Representatives and Senate, introducing and supporting legislation fighting for campaign finance reform, voter access and healthcare protections. He is a strong supporter of tax and education reform in Illinois.
Jones is the former Illinois Assistant Attorney General, where he fought to stop companies from underpaying their employees, and Chief Investigative Counsel for the U.S. Senate, where he fought against health insurance companies who were spending too much of their money on executive pay and too little on people in need. His progressive track record on environmental issues is well-established, and he is an advocate for universal healthcare.
No other major candidate in the governor’s race, and no other candidate at all in the congressional race, has served in government before.
This is not just concerning—it’s disturbing.
We have met with these other candidates and their representatives and have found them to be greatly lacking in the qualifications, resilience and ability to both win a general election and preform as an elected official.
There is an attitude in these races that elections can be bought with connections and personal fortunes, not superior ideas and legislative skills, and while this may be true for the other side, we are better than that—or at least we can be in the future.
Governor Rauner may have billions. The way to beat him is not by stooping to his level, but rather by attacking him on his atrocious track record and offering an alternative to the corrupt politics-as-usual in the Governor’s mansion.
Likewise, Rodney Davis will not be beaten with flashy endorsements and teary-eyed stump speeches but with aggressive campaigning on the issues that are important to a middle-class, student-heavy district that has been failed time and again by deficient Democratic nominees.
If we choose unwisely, we will not just be dooming ourselves, but a Democratic Party that desperately needs to reform itself and work for the interests of everyday people. In contrast, if we want change and dependability, that means voting for Daniel Biss and Erik Jones on March 20.

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