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By Editorial Board Oct23,2020
Illustration: Samira Kassem
  1. The first issue of The Argus was published on September 17, 1894
  2. IWU rests on land once cared for by native nations including the Kickapoo, Peoria, Ochethi, Sioux and Miami
  3. IWU has many famous alums including Richard Jenkins, Jack Sikma and Chris Fusco
  4. The first female graduate was Hannah I. Shur, who received her diploma in 1872. She was the 74th student to receive a diploma from the university
  5. The first day of classes were held on Monday, October 28, 1850. Seven students attended and tuition was $3 to $5 per quarter. There was no president or board of trustees at the time
  6. Comedian Andy Dick attended IWU, but did not graduate
  7. Actor John Belushi applied to IWU, but was not accepted
  8. The first commencement was held on July 3, 1853. Only two degrees were awarded that day. The first BA degree went to James Hugh Barger.
  9. IWU played its first football game in 1887. 
  10. The school colors used to be navy blue and gray
  11. Gus A. Hill was the first African-American graduate of IWU in 1880
  12. IWU switched its colors to green and white in 1898
  13. The first international students at IWU arrived in 1889 from Tokyo
  14. Ralph C. Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters International was a 1903 graduate of IWU
  15. Ralph S. Freese wrote the school cheer song during the 1910-1911 school year
  16. In 1970, Presser Hall was set fire by juvenile arsonists
  17. During the Great Depression, IWU had programs that allowed students to pay their tuition in produce
  18. Buck Memorial Library used to be a school of law 
  19. IWU is older than both ISU and UIUC 
  20. The university archives are on the fourth floor of Ames and Meg Miner can tell you loads of more fun facts

And now you know! 

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