Trick or Treat Editorial

By Editorial Board Oct 30, 2020
Illustration: Samira Kassem

Trick: Donald Trump is President.

Treat: Not for long.

Trick: Miss Corona is still here.

Treat: No pressure to go to a sweaty Halloween party in the TKE basement and

                       pretend to have fun.

Trick: Halloween is two weeks before finals this year.

Treat: It’s on a Saturday.

Trick: Seasonal depression plus pandemic depression.

Treat: Alcohol.

Trick: Masks.

Treat: Halloween masks.

Trick: You get killed in Among Us.

Treat: Now your ghost Halloween costume matches your character.

Trick: Johnny and Samira’s trip to Chicago gets cancelled.

Treat: No treat. Only sad.

Trick: The amount of money you spend on candy for a one-night only event.

Treat: Halloween candy goes on sale the next day.

Trick: The low on Saturday is 37 degrees.

Treat: Sweater weather.

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