Health services sponsors free flu shot clinic

By Farah Bassyouni Oct 23, 2023

On October 17 and 18, Carle Arnold Health sponsored the IWU flu vaccine clinic. Hosted by HyVee, the vaccines were administered at the Memorial Center in the Vinyard Room. Jenna Hart, Director of Health Services at Carle, passed along statements that came from the Administrative and Clinical Staff at Carle/IWU Arnold Health Services.

On-campus health services provided free flu shot clinic for the IWU community to aid students with better access to healthcare. “IWU hosts flu clinics to provide convenient access for students, faculty, and staff,” Hart said. “Through the IWU clinic, we are hoping to reach 250 students, faculty, and staff to keep our IWU community safe and prevent illness.”

Students that attended the clinic were required to fill out a flu vaccine consent form; the document included questions about current health, allergies, medication use and reactivity to vaccines. 

Next, students presented their medical/pharmacy insurance cards or a copy of their insurance cards to receive their vaccine. Typically,  personal pharmacy insurance coverage pays for the annual flu shot, which is why Carle Health Services required documentation.

Alongside flu vaccine access, Carle Arnold Health also provides other health care services for students including help with illness, flu and cold-like symptoms, sore throats, body aches, mental health, sexual health and aid with diagnostic testing and allergy injections.

 If a student requires help with an issue that the IWU Clinic cannot fulfill, the Carle Health Specialty Network can refer students to the proper health care provider based on their circumstance. 

“Students should utilize the health center in order to care for their medical needs, which leads to performing well in school and having the best experience on campus,” Hart said when asked why students should consider visiting the health care center on campus. “We encourage students to call and make an appointment to understand how we can best meet their needs before they arrive at the clinic. All services provided on campus are free to students.” 

Students that seek to access these services can visit the lower level of Magill Hall, call (309)-556-3107, or email

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