How to make your own Halloween costume

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Janna Fitzgerald (left) flaunting the mermaid trend. Adriana Erickson (center) showing off her sexy ghost look. Giovanni Solano (right) sporting the undead look.


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So it’s already Halloweekend and you don’t have a costume. Maybe you’re lazy. Maybe you forgot what month it is. Maybe you were distracted by the mountain of mid term papers, tests, and presentations that are due. Whatever your excuse, if you need a costume before the spooky festivities, consider this your guide. As the self-proclaimed Halloween Queen, I make my costume every year and know how to maximize time and money for a cheap, last minute costume that not only takes very little time to make, but will also look awesome.



By now you’ve no doubt noticed the trend of taking an innocent costume and making it sexy. It has evolved from sexy maids and cats to things like sexy Ebola nurses and Spongebob. Push the envelope just past the edge of ridiculous, and you have a funny costume. Literally anything can be turned “sexy” just by adding a lacy bra and underwear. Tape a paper bag to your shirt, add a bra, and bam, sexy paper bag. Any old costumes you have lying around or find on clearance will work for this. Worst comes to worst, grab the bedsheet off your bed and be an old-fashioned sexy ghost.

For the pun enthusiasts, go to Grab-and-Go and get a couple little boxes of cereal. Tape them to a shirt, stab plastic knives through a couple of them, and add fake blood. Congratulations, you are now a cereal killer.



The key to pulling off a good creepy costume is a good makeup application. There are plenty of tutorials that can be done with just a cheap face paint palette from Walgreens. Take for example the humble corpse: this look is accomplished with a light layer of white over the entire face, some well-placed shadows under the eyes and cheekbones, and maybe some blood if you’re feeling ambitious.

If you’re not too confident in your makeup skills, there is one easy-to-use tool that will instantly make anything that much more terrifying: blood. Specifically fake blood. Go to Goodwill, get an old prom dress, drench it with blood, and you’re Carrie. You can use blood over any outfit. A cheerleader. Your normal clothes. A white shirt that says “My hopes and dreams.” Just don’t use too much, unless you want a look that says “I’m going to ruin everything I touch.”



You’re not trying to get a laugh, and you don’t really want to scare people away. You really just want to look cute for selfies and parties. You are valid.

For a quick and easy costume, take a white top of your choice and hot glue pom-poms to the front of it. Make a little cardboard sign that says “25 cents” and attach to a red skirt or jeans. Go out and be the most adorable gumball machine you can be.

Lastly, if you’re into trends, go as a mermaid. Try Five Below for cheap, cute underwater themed accessories. Put your hair in a fishtail braid if you can hack it. For a scaly effect, grab some fishnet stockings and put them over your head. Use them as an outline and powder some blue or green eyeshadow over your cheekbones. Carefully remove the stockings and embrace your aquatic self.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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