How to style new fall fashion trends and look your best

By Farah Bassyouni Oct 7, 2022

Credit: Liam Killian

For some people fall may be about pumpkin spice and apple picking but for others it is about switching wardrobes. The more the summer heat disappears, the more layers of clothes you can wear. Here are three fall fashion trends and how to style them to make sure you dress your best this year. 

The trendiest pants for fall are low-rise straight leg trousers. Skinny legged pants have been dying out for years and now high waisted pants are out too. Straight leg trousers demonstrate a very sophisticated and sleek style, now make them low-rise and they are trendy. Low rise has been coming into play since the summer and Y2K trends started making their way through Gen Z. These pants prove low rise is here to stay. 

These types of pants can be styled in many different ways. They can be worn with just a basic, loose fitting white t-shirt and pair of loafers or sneakers. This is a classic look elevated by the trousers. A loafer will add a professional feel while the sneakers will keep the outfit casual. Adding another layer with a blazer can elevate the classic look even more. 

Button-ups have been staples for years, but this fall, an oversized look is the go to. These shirts make the perfect layering piece. Every store sells a wide variety of button-ups. You can get these trendy tops in different colors or patterns to help add your own personal taste. 

These shirts are also the easiest clothing item to style.. Toss the top over a white shirt and jeans or pair your favorite button-up with a black skirt. No matter what you are wearing, a light, oversized button-up will elevate your look immediately. Since they have been such essentials in fashion for a while, it would be smart to stock up and start building your capsule wardrobe. 

A huge change in fashion this year is what people are wearing on their feet. The Chelsea boot has been incredibly popular for the last five years, but this fall everyone is wearing clogs. Boston clogs have taken social media platforms like TikTok by storm. Over the knee boots have completely replaced the Chelsea boot. Kim Kardashian has sported them all summer and is bringing them into fall. 

Clogs are styled in a similar way to sneakers. The slide on shoes can be styled with jeans, skirts and even sweatpants. The laidback shoe has been worn with almost everything. Over the knee boots are a little more dressy and harder to style in general. The go to pairing for these boots are mini skirts. 

This year fall trends have become less focused towards fast fashion. All of these pieces of clothing or shoes can help grow your wardrobe for more than just one season.  Trends are shifting to becoming more sustainable while staying fashionable.

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