Letter: “The Argus” should emphasize Arts and Humanities

By Farah Bassyouni Dec 2, 2022

I have long been a fan of “The Argus.” As an old soul, I appreciate print media and I read every issue when it prints. However, there is one thing in particular I have noted to be lacking in our otherwise enjoyable school paper: an Arts and Humanities section. When shows by the School of Theatre Arts are put on in the Jerome Mirza Theater or the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theater, “The Argus” always covers the reception. 

However, these shows are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the theatrical offerings and performance opportunities at Illinois Wesleyan. Smaller shows are regularly put on in the Phoenix Theater, such as “The Fantasticks” last September. The registered student organization, Shringara works to create performance opportunities for under-represented groups in theatre. 

Earlier this November, Shringara put on its first ever Queer Cabaret, an opportunity for members of the community to perform pieces that spoke to their respective gender and sexuality expressions. JM7, the School of Theatre Arts improv troupe, puts on monthly shows in the Ames School of Art building. Music Theatre Society annually puts on a book-in-hand musical as an effort to bring an underappreciated and lesser-known piece of musical theatre to the public. Last winter they put on a wonderful production of Bells Are Ringing.

 I understand that the impact of COVID-19 slowed, and in some cases halted, the in-person offerings of these RSOs. But with the hopeful move towards an “endemic,” productions are back in full swing and I believe they should be covered by “The Argus” team. 

Beyond the SOTA bubble, there are many other arts and humanities events that take place on campus, the School of Music’s operas, for example. I have just mainly focused this article on the School of Theatre Arts since I am a music theater major. I sincerely hope that “The Argus” staff takes my request into consideration. 

A section of our school paper devoted to the arts, reporting on and reminding students about upcoming shows, showcases and exhibitions would complete what is already an enjoyable news source on campus.

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