Opinion: FIFA should not have held the World Cup in Qatar

By Farah Bassyouni Dec2,2022

The World Cup is a worldwide tournament that occurs every four years. There are soccer matches played at various stadiums all around the country. Each country is very patriotic in representing their team to win the World Cup trophy and a prize of around $40 million. 

In 2010, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) association selected Qatar as the location for the 2022 World Cup. There has been a lot of controversy over the location of the current World Cup. Qatar has been requiring Fan IDs to access the country. They have a strict dress code and will not allow shirtless or little coverage in their country. Qatar is the smallest host country in World Cup history. 

There are multiple reasons why Qatar was not a good pick.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.

Players on the various teams in the World Cup have been protesting in numerous ways. The German team took an after-game photo covering their mouths in protest. Fans are wearing

“Love shirts” and holding pride flags, but being told to take them down or off. 

Qatar’s unruly desert climate strains players.  

This country is known to be very hot. The temperatures outside are usually around 80 degrees, but they tried to use air conditioned technology to lower the temperature to 70 degrees. This does not help when the stadiums are usually opened on the top and players are running for over 90 minutes. 

Budweiser sponsored the event, but no alcohol is allowed in the stadiums.

A last minute decision from Qatar made alcohol illegal to consume in the stadiums for fans. Qatar has little tolerance for disobedience and is strict with rules. Alcohol is only allowed in bars, restaurants and selected fan zones outside of the games.

With all of their leftover products, Budweiser will host a party for the winning team’s fans.

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