MSA’s event “Walk In My Hijab” works to de-stigmatize

By Farah Bassyouni Feb10,2023

Credit: Asyah Hussein

The IWU Muslim Student Association held an event on Friday, Feb. 3 called “Walk In My Hijab.” As one of the only hijabi women on campus, Palestinian-Mexican junior Asyah Hussein said she was inspired to host this event to allow students to learn more about the hijab.

“I found that after I started wearing the hijab that not many people are aware of what it signifies and why Muslim women wear it,” said Hussein. “I think that it’s important to be culturally well-rounded so when false stereotypes and stigmas arise, people aren’t blinded from what the reality is.”

Hussein said the event’s purpose was to give people an opportunity to ask their questions without feeling that they’d be offensive, and have a safe space without shyness.

 The event was held in the Henning Room, with a large board in the hallway allowing any interested participants to come and go. Different hijabs were displayed, and people were invited to try them on, ask insightful questions and grab some cookies. Hussein was also handing out informational flyers that focus on debunking hijabi myths.

The flyer highlighted that wearing the hijab is a choice, first and foremost, and an expression of religion. Everyone wears the hijab for different reasons, like modesty or representation of their faith. 

Some information in the flyer included that women wear them in the presence of non-familial men, and take them off in the comfort of their homes or other spaces where they feel comfortable. Additionally, it was addressed that not every hijabi woman is the perfect image of Islam, and everyone who wears a hijab has their own personal experiences and their own hijab style. 

“I was hoping to represent the inclusivity of other religions and cultures while still creating a safe space for people to just have a conversation about things they maybe didn’t know before,” said Hussein. “There’s significance in giving voice to those who wear the hijab, and steering people away from the negative stereotypes surrounding them.”

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