OSI’s Sticker of the Month Club sparks joy

By adviser Feb 12, 2021
Payton Martin and Sophia Lesman ‘23 Photo: involvediwu via Instagram

Over 350 students have signed up for the Office of Student Involvement’s (OSI) Sticker of the Month Club. The club was initially announced back in January to welcome students back to campus. 

Each month, OSI will release a sticker that aims to promote Titan pride, create awareness about social issues and foster community on campus. The stickers will be designed by University Tees who are known for creating custom collegiate and greek apparel. 

“I hope students put their stickers on water bottles or laptop cases to show their Titan spirit wherever they go,” Assistant Director of Student Involvement Majorie Miller said. 

The idea for the Sticker of the Month Club came from the Director of OSI, Kevin Carey’s colleague who started a sticker club at DePaul University. Carey and Miller thought it would be a fun addition to OSI and a way to provide engagement for both on-campus and virtual learners. 

“We’ve learned the importance of creating opportunities that spark joy throughout the day, and the Sticker of the Month Club does just that. It allows people to look forward to something, and of course, the sticker series uplifts Illinois Wesleyan, social justice related topics and ensures we still create a sense of community even through something as small as a sticker,” Carey said.

The stickers will also help show support for social justice and bring awareness to important causes, such as racial injustice and environmental sustainability. 

“Students can use their stickers to show what they stand for and what is important to them. When students see fellow Titans with their club stickers, I hope that it sparks conversation and forms a community on campus and beyond,” Miller said. 

According to Miller, student feedback and participation has been great so far and can tell students are appreciative of this new program and really liked the January sticker design that featured 222 founding members. 

“So happy OSI thought of this awesome idea. It’s definitely a COVID-adapted way to engage the campus. Big shoutout to Marjorie Miller and Kevin Carey for all of their wonderful ideas and positivity,” junior Wah Chook said. 

Miller also said there will potentially be a summer sticker following the Spring semester and that they would consider continuing the program in the future. 

“My favorite part of the club so far has been seeing how excited students are when they come pick-up their sticker. Small things like stickers can spark joy in these uncertain times,” Miller said.  

“We know in the Winter, and in the continued pandemic, people are looking for ways to find some of the sparks of joy in their day, and we hope this helps uplift some of those positive energies and helps us all keep moving forward together as Titans,” Carey said. 

Stickers will be free to current students and those who are interested in signing up for Sticker of the Month Club must register here. Students will be notified via email when stickers will be available for pickup at the Information Desk in Hansen Student Center each month. For more information, contact Kevin Carey kcarey@iwu.edu or Marjorie Miller mmiller@iwu.edu.

By adviser

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